Sunday, 14 April 2013

of easter and bunnies

Went down to London the day before Easter Sunday as I was gonna leave for Germany for a short easter break!

Caught up with Billy who kindly walked me around Covent Garden having a buzz around with the crowd who's hawking these easter eggs 


Mosaic egg

Pineapple head egg!
Humpty Dumpty egg

Strawberry egg

And the bunny that accompanies all easter

Such a nice place to hang about. Will definitely come again :) 

Cameron Highland 2013

Early Saturday morning, before leaving for Cameron. Mamak breakfast!

Them three above, us four below :) 

Stayed at Heritage Cameron. Nice cool breeze upland :)

Went to a strawberry farm which belongs to daddy's friend. Got a nice serving of strawberry with cream and a slash of caramel on top of it

Mummy at far right, dinosaur sister and me xx

Our table of desserts and juice and ice cream and all them good stuffs

The three of us x


A happy family is but an earlier heaven

Yet another unforgettable trip


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Universal Studio Singapore 2013

Three weeks back home was more eventful than ever :) 
First weekend home, we went south bound to Singapore's Universal Studio. The day didn't started off well but it soon picks up its adrenaline.
Nie was so excited when she entered that she was awed with the surroundings and says this feels like Hollywood!
First stop - Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase!

Proceeded to Transformers but there was some technical issues so we scoot off to the next ride, Battlestar Galactica. Boy was it fun! 

Went for The Revenge of the Mummy next, and that was the nicest ride of all. The backward move, the flame, the everything was so surreal. You got to experience it to know it :)
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure was next - we queued for a whole hour just two lines before the entrance and it decided to give up on us by having technical issues. Frustrating, but hey-ho..
We returned to the most anticipated ride Transformers since they resume their operation and the anticipation we got was the queue that spirals around from chamber to chamber. But we got there at last after hours of standing and turning and yapping. 

Lunch was next. There wasn't much choice except for the fast food and stall food and snacks so we settled for burger and fries.

Queued for the Monster Rock show :)
With Chiang Ling who can rock the rock scream VERY well :)
Went for a more chilling ride after, Madagascar: A crate adventure. And the Shrek 4D motin simulator ride. A little like Motion Master up in Genting, except that this spits out water quite a number of times that you can expect when it will next do it again.

We have thus covered most of the rides and the fireworks came on not too long after.

So beautifulllll!
With Teik Keat, the friend cum guide cum bag holder :)
Went around to get some photos taken since we were a bit rushed in the day trying to catch all the rides. With (who's this?) Decepticon?

Group photo with the mister xx

 With the Chevrolet Bumblebee!

Tiring, sweaty but all worth it after a second round ride of the Transformers


Taking a seat to catch a breather. (more like I don't wanna leave so soon!)

Fooling about the souvenir shop


(cough, sore throat, achy tired body, injured shoulder)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Home bound -->

With less than 72 hours to go before I leave for my 3 weeks long awaited holiday, I'm feeling the exhilaration. 

It's the family, the food, the weather and the friends that I look forward to meeting. Despite the 3 weeks, it seems a bit too short when all the holidays and itinerary are planned out. 

And so till then 


Friday, 1 February 2013

being 25

is like an old fart.

I know it's a BIG FAT excuse because well, it's not a BIG FAT problem really. But you see, although it's not such a big issue itself, I do, because I CAN think that I'm a quarter of a century year old now so yes, old girl.

This birthday was rather quiet, but thank God I hadn't need to work that weekend. Catch up with colleague for Indian curry at her place, then went to have a meal at an aunt's place.

I think the saying that the older you get, the simpler you want things to be is pretty well solid. Although I'ld like it to be a bit more up-heaved, but having a little quiet time with time to spare is better than nothing, or better than anything! You do what you want, live how you want, breath and relax.

I celebrated two birthdays in Nottingham while in University with my good mates, and two years in Redditch with new friends :) Couldn't count my blessings any lesser

In a nutshell, being 25 can't be any worse, neither can it be any better but hey ho, we can only be older no?


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nails in action

MUA libra nail constellation

OPI gold crack

Pink pastel from The Face Shop

Spots DIY 

Blue pastel from Taiwan

Got a gelish manicure gift certificate as well xx can't wait!

Oh nice nails makes me happy!