Wednesday, 25 February 2009

25th February 2009

Class ended early today and stayed back over in Uni for some poster discussion..I came across this website as i saw my friend browsing thorough the site..

Hands itchy to look for some nice background and layout for my poster, i surfed the pages and surprisingly, the pictures are REALLLLY original and least to me...

A man deep in his thoughts..

Simple yet nice background..

This is damn cute I tell You...Lols!!

I find this really very very the,there's smtg in this picture..but I don't know what is it..Whatodo, don't have an artistic mind..

Guess what's in this picture that made me download it?!
-It looks like those pictures you find in Yamaha music book when you start playing the piano..those cute little pictures..i remember 'My grandfather's clock' which is really still my favourite song from a little todler till now..

Aha,for those who read comics a lot!!!!i summon it's for the girls majority lar..wonder if there are guys who read Sailormoon?!I like Uranus!!But she's not in the frame..cuz she has the same Birthdate as me and She's COOL!!!

This is purely cute..That's it..

Probability spilled with red water colour?!What's that suppose to mean?!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

24th February 2009

Just saw Wen Nee posting some old pics of my secondary years in facebook..looking back, i do kinda funny..lols!!i have side parting't look too good i would say..lols..But i really miss those times back there in MRSM Beseri...the close friends I have there, the teachers who are more like parents to us, the Cafe we always go for our Neslo drinks with Hui and Carmen and the whole gang..

And I went to take my passport photo today for my application in accommodation over in the UK...The latest one I have was urmh...counting...1,2,3,4.....5 years back when I was 16..sweet young 16...My friend saw it and said i looked FAT!!!Well, i was not sad or heart-thumping lar..cause that's true..oh, and fierce..haha!!!

Anticipating my look for my 21 year old passport size photo!!!!HOohoho...

Am kinda hooked up with loads of work now, so that's all the update till then..

Monday, 23 February 2009

23rd February 2009

All the hassle and bustle of life's taking me down to my ankle..

Need to 'kau tim' the payment for the accommodation..
Need to hurry the infos for my poster presentation..
Need to finish up my Physiology Dissertation assignment..
Need to prepare for CNS presentation..
Need to burn mid-night oil to study to find Questions for Questions I don't understand..
Need to really really really HAVE ENOUGH REST!!!!!!!!!

Now i know why 24 hours ain't enough for some peeps out there..(excluding those who drag their feet doing nothing down the road/ street lar...)

Life's never easy,
But wouldn't be hard if persevere,
For every bitterness tasted,
Sweetness will endure.


Friday, 20 February 2009

21st February 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boooooy....

I'm physically, emotionally, anythingly in the lowest possible state now in the hierarchy of strength..everything,everything is sooooo blady compact and deadlines so freaking near with no response from over the globe (well, guess you guys don't know what that means..)..

Okay, it's like we have a poster presentation where the Malaysia Campus students are grouped with the UK Campus students to work on it. We're given the task like mid Feb and we're supposed to hand the final work on 18th March. OK, if that's not the worst case scenario, we have to get in contact with them (Obviously!!) to discuss on some matters like task delegation stuffs,etc etc..AND worst thing comes..some don't even reply to our e-mails!!!what's like a group work and no one else is co-operating, how is this gonna be done?!ZzzZzz..

It's not that I'm contemplating how everyone should ACTUALLY take this SERIOUS..but this is really going way CROOKED...It's like 3 freaking weeks from now to pass up and believe it or not, we have not started on ANYTHING yet..YES, NOTHING AT ALL!!!I'm allowed to be angry and worried bout this right?!hmph...and me and mah partner have to present the poster!!!I suppose that needs time too right?!

That's not the only thing..I have physiology dissertation assignment on 'Diabetes Mellitus Type 2' of 2000 words to think about..I'm not heating over the number of words i have to write because it's too little and absolutely, OR probably insufficient to write all the things and facts and requirements and whatever-they-want inside..I have to like organized stupid graphs and tables and diagrams to minimize the word count..PLUS, i need to dive myself into the infinites world of journals, book, reference, articles, whatever-is-on-the-paper-you-can-name-it to selectively pick and choose the 'should-be's' to be in MY PAPER and the 'not-should-be's' filtered through my cell membranes and bypasses the liver to be straightly excreted via 'pee-ing' or 'poo-ing'...

That's not all...I have presentation AGAIN..on Physiology CNS and Reproduction..somewhere later in April..which still needs preparation!!!!adui!!help me~

The worries ain't ending there..I've received the offer for my accommodation in the UK which needs a reply 2 weeks from now..the donkey thing bout it which makes me undecided IS...according to what i heard from my friends, we should be in the UK on the 15th of Sept for orientation while the accommodation we applied for is only applicable to us starting on the 20th...where the hell are we supposed to stay for the first 5 days?!along the streetwalk?uni compound?by the lake side?on the bench (as seen on TV~!)?what crap...So, we have to again reconsider the application of whether to accept it or whatever thing would happen would happen then...


As for the happier part, Nottingham Malaysia Campus Chinsese Cultural Society had a lantern festival kinda thing and as usual, my hsemates sekalian and me went to chill ourselves out a lil..

I drew this myself...:)
I know not nice lar..but at least i tried..:P

Alah, acting scared to pose for the camera..hahaha!!!

Ah, this was pose to act scary one but i guess it didn't work..HOR??!

Me and mah roommate hua hua...

From left : Wai Xin, Jojo, Qi Hua, Kar Lai

Kar Lai and Me chewing on the stick!!

Mei Kee and me horrifying the picture...

This should give some spookiness...O.0

And there was this 'Kong Ming' lantern thingy..
In case some of you don't know...

Sky lanterns (sky candles, ) are airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in East Asian cultures. They are constructed from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame, and contain a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material. When lit, the flame heats the air inside the lantern, thus lowering its density causing the lantern to rise into the air. The Sky Lantern is only airborne for as long as the flame stays alight, after which the lantern floats back to the ground.

This is the very first time i've come by this lattern thingy tho i heard it some time ago but had no idea what's it all about..i find it rather amusing and interesting in that what and how it does and represent..people write wishes on the lattern hoping that their wish would be granted (how is it granted, i really wonder...)BUT, still i did wrote mine and i DO HOPE it will be granted...LOls..

After the air inside is humidified with the hot air from the flame..we're ready to set it high and above..actually we're banned from letting go the lattern cuz when the flame goes off, well, you know, i know, everyone knows what will happen..just hope that it doesn't land on your head from above without any prior notice!!!

It's floating up...

Joining the other 5 that was released earlier...awww, i've never seen such...such...i don't know how to describe the's just AAWwwww....

Was lit up, ready to set go but i think the wind was a lil strong at that moment and it so happen that the fire catch up with the cloth..and Pfooh!!!It came burning down and hit the ground...
Uhm, i hope my wish does not end up like this..I would totally breakdown and cry till i have no more tears and have to use eye more moist to fake up some extra tears...: P
(Nah, just kidding...)

It was pretty fun with some other activities like Diablo performance and some childrens playing those big drums (Cuz i don't know what it's called...!!!)

And there was like this 'Guess how many chocs are there is this huge pile of chocs' contest so me n my hsemates partnered up and shared RM1 for the participating fees..Well, it's not Kiam-sap or what la..It's just the sense of sharing the amount as a group of people..okay OK, so it went like if you guess correctly, the collected money from other participants would be given half to you as the PRIZE!!!!The total amount was 153 with some missing ones and we guessed 150!!!That was pretty frustating cuz we lose by a meagre 3 biji of chocs!!!!!and the amount in the bucket was RM80++..half of it would be RM40++....jeeezzzz....Jealouslah!!!!i want the $$!!!

Oh OH,
and i met up with my dear friend from A-levels who's studying in China now majoring in erm, what you call that..Chinsese Med?!yea, something like that lar...we went to Times for dinner and movie before departing...

Shen Yee and Me

And my specs have this bee-wax pattern lines on it..haiz..whatever the coating problem is..i'm getting a warrantied replaced lense tomorrow..

Updated pretty i guess that's so much so for the time being..

Muaksz and Hugs..
home home home home home...: )

Sunday, 15 February 2009

15th February 2009

Hmph, times passes by really fast...

The last i remember i was rushing out of the tribunal court back to KL for my class..few days later i'm back in Ipoh and now, i'm to go back to KL again...

Ah, and i wore the shirt dear bought for me..

As promised..a picture of myself wearing it..for dear...:)

Well, as I'm from Ipoh, yea yea, everyone knows what's happening in Perak now right?!All the disputes and stuffs..police blocking the roads all leading to the Istana...hmph...just got to feddup with all these sh*t happening road jam before, now roda jam everywhere...police seldom seen on the road before, now every corner also see, mentality mentality...

It all comes to one word....DOMINATION...

Just thought how this word might be of use and ta-dah...the situation now is totally describeable by this word..too long to elaborate on this now...

Uhm, was on the way home just now after having Sushi King with my dad at JJ..and we saw this massive fireworks firing from we Ke-Po-Chi a bit...drove to where the fireworks is..but we ended up somewhere else where we could still see the fireworks and i recorded a was like for a period of 15-20 freaking amazing minutes!!!!!!
fireworks fireworks fireworks!!!!!!


Can sleep soundly tonight with the fireworks in my head...~!


Monday, 9 February 2009

10th February 2009

Today's.....a special day.....

not to me...

but someone dear to me...

it's.......... it's..............


happy Daddy!!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

6th February 2009

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!

Chills gone...

Worrying gone...

Doubts no more...

Shivers of heapiness!!!!!!!!!


I PASSED MY EXAMS...hoho..that's the greatest news ever...Phew!!
Thank GOD..
Praise the LORD..

Of cause I'm not posting my marks here..cuz..for whatsoever reason la..I just don't want..= )


6th February 2009

Haven't been writing for quite some time so here are some things to frame up..= )

It's still Chinese New Year..and the vibe is still on..a lil..

Dear bought me a 12 roses bouquet of roses...for my birthday..= )
Anybody had any idea what 12 roses symbolises?!hm...

Dear VinVin and Jojo
As of CNY....
I went back to my dad's and mum's hometown in Sitiawan and Malacca respectively..had happy and very fulfilling meals, chatter and laughter, lots of cookies and Chinese tit-bits..I especially loveeeee the 'nga ku'...mmm mmm~!

And it so happen that my 21st Birthday coincides with the 2nd day of CNY!!!doubles to all my ang paus $$

As usual, there were nothing to do in Sitiawan except for the eatings..but i went to Hui's place in Beruas and she brought me to a waterfall which is quite awesome..It seems like dejavu when i was driving through the road path to the waterfall area..Feels like I've been there before but I haven't eerie thinking back and I don't know why..give me those Chills man..

In Malacca, there were more to do..eatings is memang got one...driving round town and going to Jonker Grandpa had his 80th Birthday on the 29th itself..Mine was not officially a celebration for me was held cuz my other aunt can't make it for the 29th dinner so they had this '1st party celebration' for my grandpa on the 27th..some even left earlier...#@$%^%$&!!Only my biggest and youngest aunts were there...I would say I'm totally PISSED way or another...hmph...but, at least i had a great, FINE!!

We also went around Malacca town to this exhibition place with historical buildings of Malacca were set up using clothes..quite nice especially the one which looks like a castle..= )
And we went to Eye on Malaysia too..not ON la..just outside..walk around n see see..

Yeaps...this's my Fav...Beautiful right?!

In Jonker Walk Geographer...

Karaoke in GogoBox at The Jetty Malacca..
Posing with ....(I don't know what character is that...)

Creams on us...~!
Me and cousin, Jhii Lien

Family with Jhii Lien

Family picture on my 21st...

Yeah, I'm's all in my expression...=)

Made our way to my sister National Service Camp in Gunung Semanggol..and took a few snaps with the soldier of the day...
Me and Brother Ben..

Me and Mummy

Me and Daddy

Me and Soldier Nie

Family shoot...smiles!!

And another one...

With Soldier Nie again...

That's the summary and what's going on so far..Thus, it's concluded..

Results out today for my previous exams..I'm so damn scared and shivering now..OMG..i can't get it now cuz it's in KL at the faculty office...!!!shoot man...fingers crossed...