Monday, 30 November 2009

Cherries 208

Cherries gonna undergo some renovation and refurbishment, so we had to move, The administrative said there were people to help shifting but WTF, I don't see any. Erm, one exception la, cuz there's one's guy who helped when I was struggling with my box at the staircase.

So, here we are occupants of previous Cherries 208

Cause it's our last day here, we will surely miss the warmth in there, despite the kitchen being so...unfit for 7 people, we still managed to squeeze in every dinner. :)

Then bedroom, I miss the bigger and softer bed.

Don't don't don't!!!

Die-d from their abuse


Circle that won't be broken. Use water, use whatever you want.

Ja-ja!! Guess which's mine?!

And last but not least, the bathtub!!I miss the bathtub already. Freaking new place don't have bathtub and shower area is so small!!!
I just hit myself with the shower yesterday and's SMALL lah!!!

Before the coming of Christmas, let's just warm up with..

a little chilling in Lizard Lounge.

for the countdown to Christmas party!

My white little bag..

And the three of us in a taxi..
(which driver F*kin fetch us to the wrong place and what pissed me off really was that he was so damn bloody sure where he was fetching us #$%#$^%&)
Driver : Yes yes, why you think I lie? York city right? I know I know where is it..
And he left us at York HOUSE. Bloody fool.
It's Yo City, not York City, not YORK HOUSE!!

And cause it's freezing cold outside (Swears#$@%$^%!bloody taxi driver), we had to take another cab which is 5 minutes away to reach the lounge.

Peter bought Bailey for us. :)

Shanice, Peter, Jade and Jojo

Peter miang to the fullest..

Vice President of Korean Society, Woosup Shin.

Shanice, Jade, Jojo, Jonathan

Jade and Jojo

Again :)

With Trang this time :)
Love her neon bright yellow!

Cheers for Bailey..

Jonathan and me :)

People I met that night. I forgot what's their name. :P

Uhm, I remember Joey, Art..(forgot it's arthur or archer or...)

And so the night ended pretty tiring. I was worn out. My make-up is worn out.
But my heart still lives.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mickey and Minnie

Darling CoCo gave birth to two precious, Mickey and Minnie.

Arent't they just adorable?

I want them HERE!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


as in mummy, jojo and daddy!! :)

Once upon a time, up the hills in Genting...

Ish, why so not ngam one. I make contact with daddy, daddy make contact with mummy, mummy make contact with camera lens.

What the....crab..

I miss you both. T.T

Boh Song

Bloody hell..I just finished my FIRST completed report. Another FOUR to come.


Saturday, 21 November 2009


Random moments while chatting. :)

Eee...gimme back me camera!! :P

Wahaha..No need pai seh one..C'mon!

See, much better..:)

Qi Hua me Darling~! Let me tell you more stories...

Well, this is Big Wok's toilet. And we camwhore inside.

Mei Kee's idea. She like toilets. Anywhere. Wherever. Whenever.

It's only this one picture where she's of the same height. When me and Qi Hua bend our knees a little lower.


I tell you, this shop has all the glam and glams you want and those you dream in your dreams that type. From the outside, 1metre away, confirm you can see it bright and clear. Cause the shop like super lighted up and got reflection mirror and bling bling one. How not to be captured?

So right, I went in to visit and within 30 seconds, I got hold of 2 dresses in my hand already. Dammit. *The dresses are sooooooooooo beautifoooooooo!!*

Then since got occasion coming up, hm, good, can think of buying it. :)

Me and KaiYin went in the shop time #1

This was the first dress I picked!!

And I really really love it!HOW?!

Sebra sebra!!

This was taken by Kai Yin, 2nd dress!

Kai Yin too, dress no. 3!

Actually I like this too, I like the bottom white part :)

Then we decided to walk walk outside and see other shops got nicer one a not.
(Psttt...don't bother cause once you're Lipsy, you're Lipsy forever. GONE case.)

And then I 'si beh song' cause I see everybody holding bagssss of LIPSY stuff and I don't have. So, what else. We went back to Lipsy.
Time #2

This black dress does look pretty nice and elegant too. But, it suits KaiYin more.

Got gold dust dress somemore. SUPERB! KaiYin said she don't like the top bust part.

Me neither! (see, the black suits her much better..)

And at last, I revert back to my sebra!! Oh my darling, oh my darling~!

My first choice is always the best!

Last picture of all the tryout garments. Phew!

And so I paid 60 pounds for this BEAUTIFOO SEBRA!

Which they wrap up nice and sweet

In pink colour paper bag!

Oh, excitednya!