Sunday, 1 November 2009

Nottingham Malaysia Games

Yep, it's the famously known Nottingham Malaysian Games organized as an yearly event by The University of Nottingham.

And I was a volunteer for tennis :)

Early early morning, I had to (well, I know it sounds reluctant) walk like 15minutes to reach the tennis centre. 8.40am must reach there OK. And it's a Saturday!

And Ade was there to watch her friend

Shiun Lei in action

Shiun Lei and Jojo

Again cause the 1st one wasn't that nice (but this wasn't nice either, so nvm)

Kar Lai in charge in badminton

LiPing resting while waiting for her next game

Gideon after winning his first single game

Hau was so nervous he couldn't win the first round of Volleyball but he got bronze
(swt swt swt)

Mei Kee-san too engrossed in basketball

Qi Hua, Mei Kee and Jojo

Amilia!!6 long years and we meet again at the other side of the world

Muakzs and peace~!

Hafizah, classmates for 2 years in MRSM Beseri

Isn't she just sweet? I'm gonna go Sheffield find you some time sooner!

Well, Sirus (I guess it's spelled so), 1st year Pharmacy student, also first-aider

The winning Loughborough basketball team. Cool till dies off*

And the Manchester team (well, sorry guys lost)

Badminton between Swansea and Cardiff

Volleyball (Hau's the one serving)

And it was a tired tired day.
I slept through church today cause I was extremely tired.
I repent, am I forgiven?

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