Tuesday, 21 October 2008

21st October 2008

And thus,

I suddenly miss you a lot..

Truly truly do..


Monday, 20 October 2008

20th October 2008

start of with a kiss~!muaksx!!

Hehe..well,this week was an overall kinda relax and ntg to do one..haha!!despite the studying and revising part la..

Weekend went down to Malacca and savor all the nice food there..especially CENDOL!!mm mm...tak tahan...bought some nice pretty hanging stuffs to hang on the phone or bag or wherever i wanna hang it..

And now, i'm back in uni..sobs more internet connection in the hse thus the need to use uni's comp lab..sad..otherwise..all things are well..

Can't wait for this weekend to be back in Ipoh!!! long dy..miss my home so so much..the food especially..tsk tsk..= )

Anyway,so far that's all the update..chiaoz for now then..

till then...byes~!

Monday, 13 October 2008

13th October 2008

Aawwww,so long so long..

Well,life here in Semenyih is kinda..hard..firstly without internet connection..and THE life la..but week after week..kinda got used to it..not that bad after all..upon reaching the house gate..there's this,'ah,back home' feeling..comfortable and nice~!

Spend my weekend with on Saturday at Times and Sg Wang..Hoho~!go out 'hang kai' with her sure will burn a little hole in the pocket..RM70 on beh siao eh!!beh tahan if like that everyweek...lols..but,the feelings new clothes wor..i bought 3..and that gal bought 6!!!she would have prolly spend RM200++ easily..hehe!!!

Then we have Carmen and Jason for dinner somewhere in 2046?!then we had girls sleeping night..woohoo~!after so so so long..and a hard chance that comes by...= )

Sunday went to Midvalley for walk AGAIN..but we didn't buy anything..phew~!money...keeching!!into piggie bank..haha...and Carmen was being make-up-ed by Hui..= )

Darlings moment..^.^

Monday, 6 October 2008

This Raya...

Was back in Ipoh for a enjoy the holis..
then..went out with frens lepak-ing at Parade..lols..

Met Mr Calvin at there..thanks for the Kopitiam treat hor!!treat u back coffee some other time kays?!

And then..met up with Chien Sern and Hon Fai...went to K-Box for karaoke la la`...

can't sing Leona Lewis song la..damn hard...but Le Ann Rimes (is that the spelling anyway?!haha...'can't fight the moonlight' was nice!

Had a blast of time there!!

then went to penang for some nice n yummy food..upload some time is in my digi cam..hehe!!!= )

well..uni has again resume..wasn't that bad..but what's better than some pics with Adeline today b4 class started..lols!!

uhm,well..that's all for the time being..kinda ma fan cuz kenot online from house since no internet line..= )


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

2nd October 2008

It's been quite some time since i blog..cuz im away!!now that im's my thang..

ever heard on FlyFM bout the Party on Down thingy?!yea,i won 2 invites to,i brought Krishna babe with me there..wasn't that VERY VERY fun after all..but it was nice..~!

some moments inside which we captured..~!first time to Euphoria kinda bimpsy n stuffs..haha!!

was down with family and we went times for shopping...yay!!one ate at 'hou sek'..
a moment with our own meal..nyums~!

our gals!!

Chien Sern ah..very nice posing with my bag isit?!all Fai's fault..where got my bag shape looks like an undie?!?!

haha..tat little birdie on my bro shoulder..its tame n wouldn't fly away..cute eh..
= )

I have very little pics of myself in specs..haha!!so took one..and tadah~!

uhm..tat's all for now ler..watching korean gyeonggi dance thingy on tv now..nice man~!tml goin penang to savor some nice food,,nyum..till then...