Wednesday, 1 October 2008

2nd October 2008

It's been quite some time since i blog..cuz im away!!now that im's my thang..

ever heard on FlyFM bout the Party on Down thingy?!yea,i won 2 invites to,i brought Krishna babe with me there..wasn't that VERY VERY fun after all..but it was nice..~!

some moments inside which we captured..~!first time to Euphoria kinda bimpsy n stuffs..haha!!

was down with family and we went times for shopping...yay!!one ate at 'hou sek'..
a moment with our own meal..nyums~!

our gals!!

Chien Sern ah..very nice posing with my bag isit?!all Fai's fault..where got my bag shape looks like an undie?!?!

haha..tat little birdie on my bro shoulder..its tame n wouldn't fly away..cute eh..
= )

I have very little pics of myself in specs..haha!!so took one..and tadah~!

uhm..tat's all for now ler..watching korean gyeonggi dance thingy on tv now..nice man~!tml goin penang to savor some nice food,,nyum..till then...


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