Friday, 26 September 2008

27th September 2008

This's a post that should be posted on the 24th September 08 but i have no internet connection!!tat's y it was postponed till today...~!

Uni has resume and class is as normal… Everyday class ends around 3 or 4; which isn’t very late tho…moved into the new rented was alright..lols!!except for the ceiling fan again which is totally wrong!!!imagine switching on number 5 and you only get number 1 wind from that!!!phew~!but life’s great..meeting back uni mates and hanging out like before..only thing that’s different…

looking back at things… Yeah, I do miss them tons… Those ‘being together’ times and memories we had… It’s hard to forget really… especially after looking back at our pictures taken together and the places we went before…I really was looking at a future of ours, but reality seems to be the total opposite… You cheated behind my back… And still you wouldn’t admit your fault… You’ve changed a truly lot… You started lying… one GREAT thing which you hated very much before to those who lied to you… why is it so?what has gone wrong?

This is totally lamenting..i am not looking nor waiting or hoping anything or just totally change and you’re not the one who I see in those pictures anymore…

One thing you did great was I felt really blissful being your ‘wife-to-be’ for the 2 years..of cause there were times we quarrel lots and cried throughout the night but hey,we went through it didn’t we?so now we’re divorced..remember I told you,”don’t you ever cheat behind my back or else I’ll leave you!”? did but I didn’t know and yet I still stood by’re really one lucky man having two company at one go..

Whatever it is now..two separate lives we are…and you have responsibilities to answer…somehow, I wonder all this while this was a stage show you’ve planned..and you carried it out well..i’ll just wait for the right time to say what I should say and what I should not..

We started a blog together…but you ended your journey..i’ll still keep walking…and you do whatever ain’t the only thing this world can offer..and supposedly,I wouldn’t be the one you would be with for a ‘forever’…as much as I want things to be back to normal, things would never work that direction tho..

I couldn’t keep things to myself I’m really gonna say it all out here..

This is a story bout a guy name Dudey. He was with this girl, Matie, even before he broke up with his girl,Mollie. Dudey claimed that he still love his girl, Mollie and used Matie as a tool to forget Mollie. So one day, he went MSN-ing his friend telling all the truths and dares.This friend copied the chat history and send it to Matie.Matie was furious (I suppose!) and called Dudey up for a break-up. Voila! Dudey called Mollie to patch things up but an hour or two after that, Dudey called and said Matie called him to go over her place for some dicussions. So,he went and things didn’t went well. Matie cut her wrist, a suicide attempt, for whatsoever reason. Dudey had to stay with her for the night and settle things through. Dudey didn’t called Mollie until 2 days after, he ring her up. (No one could expect good news from this right?!) He blurted out all the horrified news to her. Matie was all tears and he couldn’t help but to listen to her. He went to meet Matie’s parent at her hometown and got some shelling from her parents. He has got no other options but to stay and keep Matie as his girl as of now and would be forever. This was taken well by Mollie as there were no choices at all. That ends the all heart-tearing relationship between them, now and forever.

Based on true life story..

And hence, that’s the ending of this _____story.
What would your suggestion be for ____?

This would be as for today..

Know what..check this out check this out...heard flyfm's giving out party on down at Euphoria by MOS this 27th?!

YES!!!I have 2 invites!!!woohooooo~!

alrite..all this happens as of...thursday..evening time...i was waiting for the cue to sms...and...tadah!!!!i was the 1st sender thru weh...haha!!and hence the 2 invites to party on down at sunway lagoon resort by DJ Hed Kandi...

can't wait can't wait...would be going with Krishna,long time friend from MGS...= )
ah!!!!party party party...yay!!!!

toodles..can't wait!!!later!!!!

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