Thursday, 29 May 2008

30th May 2008

1.18am..fateful time of the day to start with..

I'm officially single and available..


Cuz i broke up with my boyfriend and that's it..

29th May 2008

Again from "The Little Book Of Moods"...

This time, well, is not exactly the word I wanna burst out..but it kind of inter-relate..anyhow, it's MISMATCHED..

Committing to another

Who is it in your family does the person you love resembles? How does it make you feel? Good or Nay?

Looking for the perfect "other" who will make you feel successful, beautiful and worthwhile? Big Mistake. So is marrying so you won't feel lonely or feeling that you can only enjoy with someone else- the marriage will have to carry the whole burden of your existence. And if you think the bad relationship you are in is better than none, ask yourself what you fear. Where did that lack of confidence come from?

Do you communicate well, stimulate each other mentally, have a similar sense of humor, and a shared vision for how you want to love your life?

Why do poeple stay in relationships that are clearly so wrong? Often they feel compelled to keep trying to gain the love and attention of someone- their mother or father- who wasn't able to give it to them when they were a child.

Needing someone desperately is not love. The more whole you are as a person, the less you'll need to control someone else, the less you'll strive to get others to give you what you want.


Some really good quotes-

If you're looking for a lover, search for a friend..
(I wonder is it because you know each other well?!)

Never commit to a person you don't trust and can't respect..
(Well, this is pretty true..)

What matters most is not so much how he feels about you, but how he feels about himself..
(I don't quite get what does this mean..anyone?!)

My day did not started out well..and God knows why..i need some fresh air, some cool air, some new air..

Practically i did ntg today except hm-ing and sigh-ing to pathetic huh?!even bruised myself..a LIL..

I really misses u a lot hubby..that is as if you even cared..oh well, i'm back to hm-ings again..OK..


Wednesday, 28 May 2008

29th May 2008


What happened these few days? Seems like the boyfriend is taking it hard on me..i don't feel those lovey dovey, carey marey, huggy muggy feelings anymore..why?!

Exams?is it?!But WHY?Does that even affect you?i went for a movie with you although i have exam 2 days later..

Why u seems to have those feelings which i look through as incompatible to mine?

Is there true love in the air?

Are your promises said true and sincere?

Look forward to the end of the romantic stage of your relationship! Falling in love is feeling the delight we had when our mothers mirrored our every expression lovingly. Once you each stop seeing the other as the "missing" part of yourself and idealizing complete fusion, the saner you'll be. After the romantic stage comes the companionship stage, when the relationship itself becomes more important, and you recognize your lover as the flawed but worthy human being he is - and you recognize that of yourself, as well.
-taken from The Little Book Of Moods by Jane Eldershaw-

Things aren't goin well in any sense. Just hope that this Sat outing would gimme a break..

Darlings, work hard, study smart, love me more...tat's all i ask for...

Think differently in my sentence means that u're seeing it like a practise..while i, it's every moment take i wouldn't wanna miss being together with you..anyhow, let it pass..


Monday, 26 May 2008

26th May 2008

well, i guess most us malaysians do know who LAT is..(or do u not?!?)
the famous comic artist leh..ringing any bells here?

read the book and these are a few i quite like..oh well,especially miter-shu-ma-cher~!

Friday, 23 May 2008

24th May 2008

dear blog,

i just rebonded my hair yesterday and i think they did a really good job..well,the saloon was philippe sum..quite famous tho..smooth and silky..cut+treatment+rebonding all for RM155 only...not bad ait?!hehe..

Saturday, 17 May 2008

17th May 2008

hm,i think im frequent-ing my blog these few days..prolly cuz i reli have ntg to do at home...LOL..

well, pumping RM30 of petrol for 150km..isit worth or not?!i wonder...

Ntg actually happened today..n thus, i have ntg to write...crap crap crap...playing neopet is kinda fun..huh...

hm...why choose to let go just to ease ur suffer?!?there's is a "being together, forever"..but u choose to let it go...why don't give it a try?!why don't?!why?!think...thinking...thinking-ing...

grr...i really have ntg to write...-end-


Your scientific name is :

Clostridina botulinasa

Find Out Yours at

did this later of the day..sounds like..the food bolus going down the tummy..LOL~!

Friday, 16 May 2008

16th May 2008

oh again..

sobs..i drop my bottle of hair oil and it shattered...AGAIN...2nd time..had some cuts on my fingers..ain't easy to pick up those hair oil back into another bottle..all oily and's all actually..= )
Dear blog,
my gum ache for almost a i decided to go to the dentist..there's this stubborn big ulcer between my gum n my molar tooth..put salt, put propolis, put oral aid..all to no cure...but the dentist cured it...but with a price...RM1.00..haha!!!gosh,what can i was sure pain when she scrap off the there's this big, deep hole in my gum...just swallowed up antibiotics and painkiller so the pain is not that intense now..but guess what?i think i have a sorethroat..swt...~!

had to undergo surgery to remove both my molar tooth cuz, well, first, they do not play any roles in mastication..secondly, they're sure to give me MORE said by the dentist, i made an appointment of my life to take the intriguing self-conscious surgery..pweh..27th May 08' the face would look like a swollen tomato then..for 2-3 days i suppose..huh!!finish story...

Read thru Female magazine and was attracted by the nail art...kinda creative..gonna try it out myself nails are totally horrible..need some beautification!!= )

hoho..yesterday guess what?!!?i decorated my phone..i saw this cute fishy sticker in Living Cabin and decided to pocket it for a price of RM 2.00...although the handwork wasn't..or not at all i can say...nice...but still i did it!!!woohoo!!but i think it looks nicer without it...but..but...i stick d..put so much effort in it...nvm la, bear with it for 1 month like that only take it it has some cute fishes and stars and bubbles in it...can play with my magic stone then..LOL..

before i came back ipoh, hubs sent me to the bus station..we had lunch together at Nando's..haha!!both of us thought that the meal was a bit pricy and not worth but i like that moment cuz we're eating together, hurrying together to meet the bus time..LOL..but it was an OK-OK meal tho..

hubby study hard alrite??!don't worry,i'll help do notes for you k?!sayang..gambateh!!lao po support u all the while!!! u have a lucky charm with you rite?!?!

hubs, why nowadays i dun feel your love and care anymore?!i really have a bad feeling that there's this other gal whom u r treating and looking after well..which is why im ignored..right?!hm,how can i be so weak when it comes to u..this kinda stuff wont bother me but eventually, it changed..i admit i am more out-of-my-mind now..being jealous, being bossy, being..watever u named it...if you really have smtg to tell me,please tell me now alright?!please tell me the truth kay?please dun think twice of telling me later kayz?!for whatsoever reason, just tell me the truth...i dun feel your heart nor your love anymore..not even a's like we're friends now..u know, as before when we're in uni..

hm..that's all that's in my mind for the moment..anything pops up later i'll drop by later...fairytooth mother,please save me from this dreadfulness..!!
love u darling hubby..

just thinking...should i tell others my name's yunn shyuan instead of josephine next time?!?LOL..

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

13th May 2008 im half happy half not..
going back ipoh today..can c daddy, mummy, ben n nie..but have to part with hubby...hmz..
but hubby promise d will every nite on9 to chat n talk to me..promise alrite?!!?
will be missing hubby lots n lots n take care ok?!remember to study hard while im not i come back time we can play together ma..hehe!!
dun be notti k...lao po always sayang u, baby!!muaksz..
im soooo hungry now...quickly come fetch me ler...10.52am...hehe!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

9th May 2008

owh, this is really a trip i would remember..first time to genting with hubs..i know u're afraid of heights but still u accompanied me to play u lots..*when's the next round??*=)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

3rd May 2008

Oh well, another Saturday afternoon..

But this time had to study as Monday's exam not an easy peasy one..PhysPharm..huh!!Cracking up my head to add another drive in so that i could remember more..probably i could include J drive, W drive, Y drive, S drive...LOL...

This really drives everyone crazy..oh well, who's not?exam...whoever is thrilled, i guess it must be...quite an honourable human being...phew!!

Had a friend, well, both guy and girl whom i know from high school...the guy broke up with her after 3 years of partnership because...nature call..haha!!i don't know who to side as both are really great friends of mine...the girl is quite close to me and helps me out whenever i need...the guy is a good, the girl told me that everything is in God's hand...leave it to Him..didn't realize how tough she was and able to advice further...good job girl!!!= )

As for my darling hubby, he seems unhappy and in moody terms nowadays..i tried asking and playing around with him but...i know his smile was made up...not a genuine one..hurts me a lot to see him like this..he wanted to watch Iron Man yesterday so i accompanied him although i need to study for my exam which I'm really unprepared of..

Hm, a word of myself..."Nothing would ever hurt me if I don't let it to"...yes yes yes...this is what i must do and think of now..gracias~ I'm making myself gloomy...I can't be as i have to be the stronger one now...hopefully I'll get to crave back a genuine smile on him...