Tuesday, 30 November 2010

When my skin needs attention..

I haven't been treating my skin good these days and thinking of the amount and times of make-up I've put without doing mask right after or the next day makes my skin looks exhausted.

So as always, I've been a faithful customer of LUSH which mask has served me well. I've been using catastrophic cosmetic for umpteenth of times (5times to be exact =P). It's a really good one to try one if you put on make-up a tad bit of times or maybe every time. It seriously works as it gives the glow to your face after you wash 'em off =)

A hint of blueberry lingers around~

After a night out, I couldn't help but to notice how dry and exhausted my skin is after I removed my make-up. Hence, Intensive, extensive, whatever 'tensives' there is..I'm gonna do with "Intensive Rice-Peptides Mask"

I seriously no bluff - tired with eye bags, pale dry flaky skin 

Intensive Rice-Peptides Mask to the rescue!


30 minutes of rest for the mask to transfer all its nutrients to me face. And also for me face to absorb whatever there is on the mask =)

30minutes (or more...) up...

Much better with nicer glowing skin NO?

I should mask more often. I really should.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Loving it. The sun, not so much of the snow.

Snowing on 27th November 2010. Epic.

and the sun is out like really really sunny I could (maybe should) wear sunglass.

-Fallen leaves, snowy ground, blue skies, and a tad bit of a sun-

It's only November...

and the coldness sends shiver down my spine. 

Tomorrow's weather forecast in Nottingham:- 

Surviving the days of maximum 2 degree Celsius and nights of negative degree Celsius. 

The telegraph gave even bitter news. But still, I look forward for those little speck of flurries falling down from the sky. 

I need to get a warmer coat. Extra fine Merino Argyle V Neck Sweater from Uniqlo, Maybe? Should I? 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pandora Box after Immunology

Having immunology formative exam in the last 3 weeks of the semester is stressful enough. What makes it more stressful it that when I realized I've answered the same question but gave the wrong answer. FML.

Anyhow, it was a night out worth spending with my girls as the Korean Society organize a Red Devils' Party at Pandora Box. This place is somewhat new to me since I've not heard about it so there you go, a first for everything! 

When we arrived, there was quite a number of people there already but as long as the clock doesn't strike 12.30am, the dance floor wouldn't be full.

So yeah, we chilled a while at the top floor..
(this was around 2ish..)

and then we went downstairs..and nice la, got sofas can sit around =)

Chilling out at the sofas with a bottle of Sol 
(The bartender said this tastes exactly like Corona. I don't think so.)

Nini, Me, Michelle, Jane

Relaxing on the sofa again after dancing =D

A collage of us *Hicks*

It was pretty messed up at the end when we're leaving as all the coats are mixed up. Had a pretty hard time finding my coat = (

Anyway, it was an enjoyable night.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Of fire alarm and nail-breaking incidence

I don't think I will ever go well with the kitchen. 
While microwaving the sausage casserole, I had the fire alarm triggered which eventually lead to evacuation of the whole flat. There were like smoke in the kitchen which intoxicated my poor flatmates the whole night.


And so, while evacuating, I was closing my room door and somehow, it struck my toe and blood start oozing out. Only then I took a closer look and realize the nail's been broken into half. =(

Being really considerate, all my flatmates actually followed me out to the QMC A&E department. An effortlessly dopey guy who's sitting by the side looked at us and said, "It's just a small injury.."..and sarcastically his friend replied, "No, it's a BIG injury on a SMALL toe". 

Well, at least I have friends that are worried although it's just a small injury. 

The nurse anesthetized my toe and man was it horrifying!  

*hit* *hit* I can't feel my toe?! The local anesthetic's working well =)

I assure you (Mummy and Daddy) it wasn't that bad so don't worry alright!

Had it bandaged up and boy was it difficult to find a shoe to wear -.-

About 6 days later..Much better =)

Sorry if this is to your dislike. Sorry if this made you unable to swallow down your next gulp of food in your mouth. Apologies guy! 

Likes Qihua's 我们是..一起的!!

But most of all, it's this one guy who went through taking care of me from head to toe (cooking,piggy back me and accompany me for 4 hours in A&E, this and that, etc..), internally (cough, phlegm, etc..) and externally (toe bandage, borrow me shoe), for the whole month to two. Until he even contracted cough from me. Hugs. 

♥ Love you naughty silly fella 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Missed to my benefit =)

Online shopping can really slough the content of your wallet or purse (intentionally or unintentionally!). Recently I'm browsing too many sites that I find it amusing and interesting, what more with the reductions and sales going on now. 

However, I've been delaying in buying the stuffs I wanted and now that it's out of stock, guess what? My purse has that extra 40-50 pounds! Could spend it well during Boxing Day no? 

However, went to Hyperama the other day with dear and food-oh-my-goodness. As much as you want to control yourself, you still have to eat. What good conscience that made me spent 30ish pounds on these 


MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Noodles

Hello Panda Milky Flavour


BinBin Biscuit Cracker

Packet of egg noodles

Wong Lo Kat Herbal Drink

(Mummy, I went and buy and drank this! Good girl a not?)

And a bite of Snickers! =)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Steph's Birthday Tea Party

During the weekend, Steph's floral theme birthday party was held at The Walk.

The address is as follow: 12 Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham NG1 2GR

The location was a little hidden but nevertheless, ask around the shops and I'm sure they'll gladly guide you there!

It wasn't until that weekend did I realize the presence of one of Nottingham's most popular new cafe bars.
It was nonetheless tempting if you have a sweet tooth, especially with delicious patisserie, a range of afternoon teas to choose from, tempting lunches with a choice of fine wines and continental beers, cupcakes, and Oh-the-ever-so-delicious CAKES!

Clockwise from top : Rainforest cake (well, sounds something like that..) with red and blue berries toppings, chocolate something too, this one I don't know, mango cheese cream cake, my cup of cappucino, and white chocolate cream with raspberry.

The range of teapots you can see on the bar! 
So many different types! So European style =)

Liping, Kaiyin and me enjoying our tea

And the birthday girl, Steph Hiew! 
Happy twenty-something birthday babe!

Monday, 15 November 2010

And now the case is closed.

With the devastating news enlightening me on Thursday the 11/11/2010 right before my Patient Medication Review session, it was not pleasant. I had to set my mind straight before the session and focus on it, which wasn't really what had happened.  

My younger sister was proposing to dedicate 'Amazing Grace' to my Grandpa but this aunty specifically made a big fuss out of it saying, "Who wants to sing!" and it ended up her child went up singing that song. Stupid or ignorance, or maybe a bit of both. When asked to speak, it's fine whoever goes up but YOU, what position are you in to order people around? Anyone who wants to speak has a chance to speak. 

No one represents someone else other than themselves.

Monday the 15th, grandpa was cremated and all his children held hand, stand around him and vowed to forget all that's been in the past and to start anew. Upon reaching home after the ceremony, a cascade of finger-pointing events occur, which was absolutely insolent and inappropriate after what they've each swore in front of Grandpa themselves. 

My speech to Grandpa:

"The years of my upbringing has been shadowed by your love and encouragement which brings me to where I am now. It saddens me not to be able to be present at this point but nevertheless, you're the greatest grandfather and may the Lord bless you abundantly. Love, Jojo"

No more, no more on this.

The most antagonized post I would have ever written in my entire life.

I'm burying it all away for the coming 7 months. Thereafter, I'll bring out the truth and shove the shit right into your face.

This I promise.

You wouldn't know what he has gone through for these few years when all you do is sit back, watch and talk. Even a person from the skipped generation felt he/ she has done more than some of you had. Such a shame that you didn't realize it. Or maybe you won't even realize it because all that's ever in your mind is the two most disgraceful act, "SELF and MONEY".

I've been told once that I shouldn't vent this out but now, even he couldn't make me take back this message. 

So for now, God bless you and yes, if you don't see me there, you're not wrong nor are you blind. 
Unless you want to pay for my flight ticket. 

What's the point of asking?

With the vow you've all made, I hope you abide by it and please be ashamed if I need to remind you of it.
I'm an adult but you're an even mature adult.

You can have all the money and wealth in the world. If that defines your happiness, so be it. You have your own hands and feet to earn so do feel the least that you should slap yourself twice, no, maybe thrice in the face if you would still want to rely on a will to get your share.

That's all been said for now. Till 7 months later then.
-Annoyed, Bitter, Cross, Displeased, Sore-

Thursday, 11 November 2010

You're the pillar. The man of the household.

I've been staring long enough but I can't come up with a single word.

My mind's blank and all I want to do do nothing.

Grandpa, I love you. God bless you in heaven.

Grand daughter

Thursday, 4 November 2010

On a random note..

My week food provision, all FOC =)

I'm paid to eat these stuffs!

Autumn's here and it's dark by 5pm. Not good. =(

You don't get to choose the days but you definitely get to choose how to live your day

Stressed. Tension. 

Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween 2010 @ Oceana

Heh, Halloween this year was great fun despite I don't know what I am dressed as. I believe my bunny cap attracts enough attention.

Previews of the night and some pretty awesome Halloween-ians..

Can you guess what character are they posing as?

Hitting right on the theme for Oriental Halloween Party!

Photo with Chinapek Joshua and Storm Kael Li

Another one for the night =)

With Vivian - her make-up was really awesome lah

 And another bunch of pharmacy girls 
They dressed up really well

I actually bought that ghost cape but decided not to wear it because it just looks weird and plain white.

Chinapek Josh, Smexy vampire Ade, Red vampire Wen Qi, Dark vampire Jade and don't-know-what me.

Outside Oceana while waiting for the rest to come

Hau Wee was the family butcher! Awesome la his costume!

Zhi Xuan as Cleopatra. Beautiful sexy woman~

With darling Kaiyin 

Melody the bloody schoolgirl?

And a fugly picture of myself to end it all =)