Monday, 15 November 2010

The most antagonized post I would have ever written in my entire life.

I'm burying it all away for the coming 7 months. Thereafter, I'll bring out the truth and shove the shit right into your face.

This I promise.

You wouldn't know what he has gone through for these few years when all you do is sit back, watch and talk. Even a person from the skipped generation felt he/ she has done more than some of you had. Such a shame that you didn't realize it. Or maybe you won't even realize it because all that's ever in your mind is the two most disgraceful act, "SELF and MONEY".

I've been told once that I shouldn't vent this out but now, even he couldn't make me take back this message. 

So for now, God bless you and yes, if you don't see me there, you're not wrong nor are you blind. 
Unless you want to pay for my flight ticket. 

What's the point of asking?

With the vow you've all made, I hope you abide by it and please be ashamed if I need to remind you of it.
I'm an adult but you're an even mature adult.

You can have all the money and wealth in the world. If that defines your happiness, so be it. You have your own hands and feet to earn so do feel the least that you should slap yourself twice, no, maybe thrice in the face if you would still want to rely on a will to get your share.

That's all been said for now. Till 7 months later then.
-Annoyed, Bitter, Cross, Displeased, Sore-

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