Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween 2010 @ Oceana

Heh, Halloween this year was great fun despite I don't know what I am dressed as. I believe my bunny cap attracts enough attention.

Previews of the night and some pretty awesome Halloween-ians..

Can you guess what character are they posing as?

Hitting right on the theme for Oriental Halloween Party!

Photo with Chinapek Joshua and Storm Kael Li

Another one for the night =)

With Vivian - her make-up was really awesome lah

 And another bunch of pharmacy girls 
They dressed up really well

I actually bought that ghost cape but decided not to wear it because it just looks weird and plain white.

Chinapek Josh, Smexy vampire Ade, Red vampire Wen Qi, Dark vampire Jade and don't-know-what me.

Outside Oceana while waiting for the rest to come

Hau Wee was the family butcher! Awesome la his costume!

Zhi Xuan as Cleopatra. Beautiful sexy woman~

With darling Kaiyin 

Melody the bloody schoolgirl?

And a fugly picture of myself to end it all =)

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