Thursday, 18 November 2010

Missed to my benefit =)

Online shopping can really slough the content of your wallet or purse (intentionally or unintentionally!). Recently I'm browsing too many sites that I find it amusing and interesting, what more with the reductions and sales going on now. 

However, I've been delaying in buying the stuffs I wanted and now that it's out of stock, guess what? My purse has that extra 40-50 pounds! Could spend it well during Boxing Day no? 

However, went to Hyperama the other day with dear and food-oh-my-goodness. As much as you want to control yourself, you still have to eat. What good conscience that made me spent 30ish pounds on these 


MAMA Tom Yum Shrimp Noodles

Hello Panda Milky Flavour


BinBin Biscuit Cracker

Packet of egg noodles

Wong Lo Kat Herbal Drink

(Mummy, I went and buy and drank this! Good girl a not?)

And a bite of Snickers! =)

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