Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The end? Already?

Oh for goodness sake I've got 25hours and 43 minutes to end 2009. What the hell am I going to do in 2010?

1. Get over with the exams
2. Trip to Dublin with my mates!!
3. Make a trip to Birmingham (cause SL so wanted a guest right?!)
4. Wait patiently for my parcel to reach. Oh gosh me CLOTHINGS!!
5. Visit the cinema for a movie :)
6. Food glorious food of those I've not tried yet

Last and least thing I'll want to worry about, RESULTS. :(
Go away...

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I've not been sleeping

I seriously studied through the night.

And it's 8am now. I can be a very late person but definitely not an early one.

*Pats ownself*

You've studied hard. But make sure you remember at least 50% of what's been read.

Done. Now do past exam papers.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Our own Christmas celebration

We celebrated Christmas like a week earlier and got busy with our hands'll see later..

So halfway making things-you'll-know-if-you-read-on, it SNOWED! Then all of us apparently dropped the stuffs and ran downstairs. This's what called THE MAGIC OF SNOW.

So, we played around like, like we're the only ones there and obviously we're THE ONLY ones playing. Why isn't people enthusiastic and jumping on their feet when it snows?!Hmm..



#3 and we pushed Bing down. AHHAH! Nice pose :)

#4 busy building our mini-snowman..I've learnt my lesson and I'll wear gloves next time.

#5 OK this snowman is not mine cause I gave up halfway and I took someone else's one.

#6 three little snowman I once knew, small one, medium one, big one too..

#7 And then we pushed each other

#8 and roll each other on the cold cold snow grass

#9 which is so fun nonetheless!!

#10 so we attempted and pulled another victim
(but she was so strong..)

After the cool session we went back upstairs and continued our schedule in the kitchen....

This was before we went down to play snow
Me frying the nuts to nutsfection :)

See?! Brown and crispy, fully aromatic

And we hand grind the nuts ourselves. Tough tough job but it was done so nuts-fectly!

We made 'tong yuen' too!

And boiled them in red bean 'soup'.

This's after the playing session
And we still have tons of undone things!!!

Then I have to be the one always shoo-ing these food scavengers.

After most things are done, we sat down and played cards. With food as our betting 'chips'.
(We can get really vain at times.)

Introducing Bing as the banker, and me two pretty ladies QiHua and Jade :)

And then it's all ready and we can FINALLY eat!

Finished eating they are still not satisfied and I don't know how the pail comes around. Seriously...

The best part always come last! Pressie pressie pressie!! :)

I love me mates.I love our dinner.I love my pressie. I love that we played till it was 2am and not realized it was ALREADY 2am. :)

Free Party!

You know the phrase 'You get what you pay for?'
Well, I think my accommodation has charged us sufficient amount to be able to shower us with lots of free stuffs! One of it : -

CHRISTMAS PARTY, free food, free drinks, free music, free everything

The food was urm, not the least good. More to what you call, tit-bits. There goes my dinner -.-
(but very the unlikely it is, I WAS FULL. Hm...)

Next phrase, 'Jiak pa bo kang cho' (Eat full already nothing better else to do)

I donno how this came about but somehow it did. LOLS..It's so awesome to have crazy friends around :)

Me priest?

Haha..OK I beh tahan, so many people looking. Pai Seh.

And they were all shocked when I speak....NOTHING (lols..)

But nonetheless, they still adores me and well, what more can I ask?

Jojo, Shanice, MeiKee, QiHua, KarLai, LiPing, WaiXin

Friday, 25 December 2009

This the season to be Jolly..

Tra la la la la la la...

OK lar, to be honest, my Christmas here ain't the best and is not going to be any better. Well, I don't mean to complain much but it's totally different the way of celebration. I still very much prefer Malaysia's Christmas. I still very much like having able to shop till I drop in Malaysia. I still very much like the warm, humid, Christmas in Malaysia.

Christmas in UK is, well, it's a very grand big festive celebration and the surroundings are absolutely awesome. But on Christmas Day, everything closes, nothing works, and it's all about a time of fellowship and get-together. It's more of a home-celebration, get the point?

So, got quite the big difference and I miss home :(

Merry Christmas lovelies!

PS: I wish to be home. Now, right now. With me family :)

Everyone else, hope you had an enjoyable and blessed Christmas.


I can't help but listen to this again and again and again.

Yiruma - It's your day

My favourite out of his many other compilations :)


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's covered in white!

Ok la, I know I jakun a bit but what to do, I first time see snow right, so to inform beforehand, I suppose there'll be more post about white snow, beautiful snow, snow flakes, etc etc.

I can even put my name and draw love somemore! So the fun! But for people who erm, never touch real snow or feel real snow before right (Ah, I know you guys jealous..Hahaha!), it's freezing cold! And you'll get really really red numbed hands after playing if you're not in gloves. (Which is what I did. Clever like what.)

PS: OK la, I'll minimize the number of post and wait until I can compile most of them to ease your boringness of having to read about snow and nothing else about snow.

Fair and square? :)

Monday, 21 December 2009

E-card from Mum

Received an e-card from mummy with such intrinsic meaning of words was lovely.

Mummy has been getting more IT literate these days. Pretty the advance hm? Pick up faster Mi!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Safe and sound

for my debit card..:)

If H&M is not killing enough, Bench killed me. But I died too fast to take pictures in Bench.
*Cries trough the peaks and troughs!!!*

H&M tryout #1
(Hmmm..pass!!as in disqualified...T.T)

H&M tryout #2
(I liked this..but it felt a little weird...)

So, I passed all. Which is good. Cause I didn't use any MONEY!!

Bench, Nearly Nearly Nearly KILLED me. It took 5 bulls to pull me away from the shop. (OK, this one metaphor la as in it took me hundreds of courage to leave the shop WITHOUT buying the things I wanted BADLY). Emo you BENCH! Next time I walk far far away so that I can't hear you calling me.

Oh wait..Boxing's Day coming, I might answer your call :)


Korean Mood Swing

Korea Plaza KL was awesome! They even let us try on the Korea traditional kimono-style dress and took pictures for us :)

Well, apparently, I was too lazy to upload them one by one and if I do, it would be a pain in the ass to look at...25 large pictures right? Small mosaic pictures works awesome!! :)

Yah, so me and sister was crazy posing and snapping that we looked like some lala-muis in the mall while the worker looked at us like..."......." (what stuff man...) But hor, opportunity comes and you should, or might as well maximize them. RIGHT? :)

Geesh, me sister looks cute aint' she? <3

White flakes are dropping down

I never once thought I would be able to really really see snow. As in, REAL snow. REAL REAL white snow.

And here I am, despite the freezing -1 degree outside, too excited with the first sight of snow. "Beautifullllll...."

Whee~ Jealous right? :P

BBC weather forecast predicts heavy snow shower tonight around midnight!
*Fingers crossed*

The dress I liked

and still like..:)

I haven't found a reason to wear it yet. Gimme one please?

(I've been blogging more frequent than I thought I would..geee~)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Who don't love Fridays?

We ALL do!!

Friday 'geng', Friday 'yeng', Friday 'mou tak teng'!
Friday good, Friday stylo, Friday really number 1!
(Uhm, random I know..)

And as per usual, every visit must have toilet as background. But, this was quite ugly that I had to edit it so, no more TOILET!

Toilet one, peace, threes!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

German Food Feast!

At last, I got to eat the Dogs I wanted to!! Urm, the HotDog I mean. :)
It's so HUGE! And well, 3 pounds is worth some try. Chom Chom Chom~

As you can see, I haven't finish eating my Gouda, I actually was too excited to get the Hotdog.
My untouched Gouda and mushrooms, is sickeningly delicious like I-don't-know-how-to-describe.

The cheese was oozing out like "Ooohhh...Oohhhh...slurprppppp"

For only 3 pound 50 :)

Totemo oiishii-des!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Full force

Now, I'm gonna be studying like there's no tomorrow. Excuse me for not updating :)
(Well, I might once in a while when my hands are itching)

I'll be back. I promise!

Monday, 14 December 2009

'School Holiday'

After all the hard work and effort, the last assignment was handed in. End of Semester 5!

Well, for the time being, it's worth the time to just relax and give the mind a bit of space to entangled themselves. I think my brain neurons are knotted up.

Maybe I need my dose of O2 jam :)

So, The MONDAY where No CLASS, No HOPPER BUS, No NOTES, No LECTURES, No LECTURERS, No MEDSCHOOL, No all the lecture halls that we've been till next year comes.

And here we are, Friday-ing ourselves, altho it's just Monday.

Christmas Menu! And me pick 3 courses with Xmas cocktail of cranberry juice with vodka and gin :)
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#1 - Appetiser
(This one has some Asian flavour in it. It's...well, very much Asian style)

#2 - Main Course
(Cheesie licking good! Scraped until the bottom of the hot plate..)

#3 - Dessert
(Within 2 minute, it's all gone *Poofff*)

All for only £19.99


If you get what I mean?
(No? Yes?)

After something warm and spicy, Ice anyone?

KarLai stranded there alone..

Ahhh...I love it!!
Altho it's pouring quite the heavy, but the atmosphere and ambience was hot!

Qi Hua and Wai Xin in action

I wanna skate AGAIN!!!