Saturday, 26 December 2009

Our own Christmas celebration

We celebrated Christmas like a week earlier and got busy with our hands'll see later..

So halfway making things-you'll-know-if-you-read-on, it SNOWED! Then all of us apparently dropped the stuffs and ran downstairs. This's what called THE MAGIC OF SNOW.

So, we played around like, like we're the only ones there and obviously we're THE ONLY ones playing. Why isn't people enthusiastic and jumping on their feet when it snows?!Hmm..



#3 and we pushed Bing down. AHHAH! Nice pose :)

#4 busy building our mini-snowman..I've learnt my lesson and I'll wear gloves next time.

#5 OK this snowman is not mine cause I gave up halfway and I took someone else's one.

#6 three little snowman I once knew, small one, medium one, big one too..

#7 And then we pushed each other

#8 and roll each other on the cold cold snow grass

#9 which is so fun nonetheless!!

#10 so we attempted and pulled another victim
(but she was so strong..)

After the cool session we went back upstairs and continued our schedule in the kitchen....

This was before we went down to play snow
Me frying the nuts to nutsfection :)

See?! Brown and crispy, fully aromatic

And we hand grind the nuts ourselves. Tough tough job but it was done so nuts-fectly!

We made 'tong yuen' too!

And boiled them in red bean 'soup'.

This's after the playing session
And we still have tons of undone things!!!

Then I have to be the one always shoo-ing these food scavengers.

After most things are done, we sat down and played cards. With food as our betting 'chips'.
(We can get really vain at times.)

Introducing Bing as the banker, and me two pretty ladies QiHua and Jade :)

And then it's all ready and we can FINALLY eat!

Finished eating they are still not satisfied and I don't know how the pail comes around. Seriously...

The best part always come last! Pressie pressie pressie!! :)

I love me mates.I love our dinner.I love my pressie. I love that we played till it was 2am and not realized it was ALREADY 2am. :)

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