Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Nottingham Christmas Market

I wanna buy a hat!!!

That was random but...well...

Nottingham by night is..pretty awesome..with the ice skating ring and the christmas market..SPECTACULAR!

The clock tower..without the decorations yet. It's now all lit up. Beautiful!

Some food selling stalls.

And somemore.

And more. OK, serious this one last one :)

This one also selling food but my main aim is not the shop, it's the decor at the lamp post.

The night Christmas market.

Some stalls selling some decorative items which metallic..NICE..

And shops selling lots of Santa! Smoking lar, this lar, that lar..

This shop sell Chocolate one! Kesian the fella no business..See him wiping sweat already.

Habis story. no..Lincoln ku-ri-su ma-su market coming up after the 6th Dec!


SL said...

lol.. exactly the same as birmingham christmas market... the german sausage stall is 100% the same.. i m sure of that..

Josephine Wong said...

serious? haha..oh, that's the german food fair is it? swt..didn't know.

heard everyone said the food are quite good. :)