Thursday, 30 September 2010

Birthday for the 23s..

Well, practically the ones with more wisdom..

Waixin sat there quietly without fussing..

Qihua move about like earthquake - Total opposite -.-

And we had them like that =D


Next destination was dinner at Chiquito (masculine what turf?)

The symbol all around was lizard. Are Mexico's lizard prominently masculine?

Complimentary nachos. On the house!

Fiesta Nachos set was....well, 2 out of 5. Nothing extraordinary.

And more nachos to nom on!

Chipotle meatballs are the best ever ever ever ever meatballs I've ever eaten in my life. Cross my heart.

My order of lamb shank. Not bad =)

His order of something-something spicy. Indeed it was spicy enough. 

Happy 23rd birthday Khoogi & Qigi!

Last but not least...Err, what happened to Karlai -.-

Want to get a taste of Mexican food?
Recipes here! 

Lols, got hold of a joke..

What do you call a mexican who's had his car stolen?


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Class commenced!

yesterday yesterday. Finally.

Had to wake up early in the morning before to collect these books. Ugh..

Nice new BNFC

Another MEP. Dang!

Since the Mid Autumn Festival just (中秋节) passed...

there's a dire need to feast on mooncake to celebrate at least. Although not one of my favourite.

What you do on Mid-Autumn Festival:-
1. Tilt your head to the sky and look at the brightest, fullest and roundest moon in the year 
2. Carry brightly lit lanterns, release floating sky lanterns with your eternal wish or just play candles at    
    inflammable areas (Safety first!)
3. Burn incense to deities for the Buddhist 
4. Eat mooncake (There's aplenty of choices in the market now. Jelly one, snowy one, normal traditional one..)

A pretty mirage going through my mind.. =D

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A series of unforgettable event

Working on a Sunday is no one's wish but since I'm free and the pay is..reasonable...Why not? =)

A day as a car parking people..I earned almost £60. But the job was pretty tough and to the least expected. We had to stand outdoors for 8.5 hours, standing. 

No lunch was actually provided but I've got my ways to get to it. And hence I got a sandwich and a chocolate muffin! The other teams at other halls didn't get lunch..poor them..

My partner went up and get himself a sandwich too and I asked him to get me a cheese and onion Walkers.

And a series of unforgettable event happened.

Because I didn't want to eat the chips first, I left it on the road side together with my bottle water and the empty sandwich box. While I was directing traffic, I suddenly realized a crow making its way towards my food. I shooed it away and this happened for a few times.

At the peak time where I am directing traffic, the crow came back and eventually reached my chips. When I realized, I turned back and chased it but it flew right up, with my chips at its beak. It landed at a distance and swiftly peck my packet of chips!

Lols..I don't know whether to compliment to the bird or be angry with it.

Does crow have such a brilliant brain that it knows my packet of chips is unopened? I wonder.

The grass was very much nicer before the car trampled over. Poor ground. Poor soil.

At the end of the day, I am just relieved my work is over. Standing for so long makes me miss my bed even more.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hooter's Wings

First time to Hooters and gosh was I relieved I didn't eat much earlier that day because the wings are awesomely delicious but the amount I ate would lasts me for a year before my next visit back there.

Basically this's the amount 5 of us ate. Well, three quarter full. =D
Sorry bout the sight of eaten wings..

And some of the plates we 'wiped clean' before the waitresses takes them away.

Onion rings. Definitely not my favourite but the crispy outer part is tempting  =P

Ahhhh..drummets!!! Sorry but I'm no fan of wings. 

And their paper wipes are just as saucy..

As pint of Budweiser to go with..

MMmmmm was it winger-lickin-good..

Why is it popular you ask? Because they have above C's waitresses serving you in super orange shorts.
Have your pick!

Guys you would want to have your birthday there probably?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When it can't be saved...

He went and bought the 'head shaver' since it was cheap and well, 'buy cheap things, no good things', he grumbled.


When it can't be saved...
He ended up using a comb and snip off the top part which results in almost a bared head.

Well, at least he's fine with his new prickly style =D


Sunday, 12 September 2010

£6.50/hour for 17hours I'll say YES!

Money looks more surreal and important to me now that I'm earning them myself. Well, of course I wouldn't be able to support my living lifestyle here now with the amount I'm earning but still, something is better than nothing right? Daddy and Mummy would be proud. =D

It was a 2 days event and practically the second day was worse compared to the first.

Basically what goes on in my mind is as listed
1. When is it gonna end..TICK TOCK TICK TOCK
2. Hungry! Lunch and coffee pls..
3. Money money money come into my bank account

First day I was placed in Portland Building @ Students' Union in charge of mainly shuffling people in and out from the room. I was lucky to be indoors since the weather was a little tricky. 

Second day I was standing at The Downs and WTF the wind there tantamount to a hurricane. I was part lucky and part unlucky to be here because the sun's out nice and warm but the windy part was bad.

Beautiful right?

Ladybirds and mushrooms 

What's in a day without a cup of coffee


I would say it was good money and very well-earned.
That was my weekend. 

On Skype...

This is what normally..well not perpetually..Happens =D

Mummy shouting across the hall while having her hair dyed by her hairstylist, my sister =D

Daddy's busy talking about what they did in Penang, etc etc..

My brother would be either studying or waiting to grab hold of the phone : )

Yeap, that's practically my HAPPY FAMILY 


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Happy Birthday KhooGi

Once upon a time when he's still 22..

Happy 23rd Birthday Mr Khoo =D

Let bygones be bygones

Emotional and recent steaming issue happening in Malaysia - Principal of school gave a brusque remark touching the sentiment of racism. This has stirred up a commotion among the nation.

This truly rings a bell. From my vague memory....

All the way back to secondary school. The teacher was talking how Malaysia has progressed through the years compared to the other countries, like China or India in terms of economy, infrastructure, etc etc. And then we have Wawasan 2020, bla bla bla bla..

Out of the blue, the teacher looked at me and said, "So you see, do you want to go back to China and live there? If you want I'll buy the air tickets and fly you back.."

In my case, the teacher didn't mean any harm and so case dismiss. But darn did I regret not saying, "YES!". Why not? Fully sponsored free trip to China.

However, as a school principal and a role model, she truly seriously made a statement which...wasn't appropriate and nonetheless ridiculous.

Anyway, I am grateful for having my Malay friends from MGS and MRSM Beseri and all around. They've been such good buddies all the time  

Wishing you all Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya!


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pink and Purple Toenails

Since I have too much free time to spend it however and whichever way I want, I lollified my toenails not very much, just 2 colours =D

What a waste I didn't have any accessory to bling it up =(

Anyway, it was my first trial and I think it looks pretty satisfactory myself! At least it's wearable outdoor.


Made a one day trip down to Leicester and whoa whoa whoa..looks very much like Nottingham.
From the train station, to the streets, to the bus and to the shops.

I guess UK's implementing the 1 concept throughout the country. First was 1Liverpool, and now 1Leicester. 
1Malaysia different case. 

The new mall - HighCross
Awesome structured building. 

Leicester Market
Things are pretty cheap here. 
Bought cauliflower, cabbage and 2 asparagus for a total of 2.35pounds. 

And I saw me favourite Coffee Republic!

Mocha Cappucino one please!
Bitter but sweet enough, sweet but bitter enough.
Just the right amount - no sugar added =D

I shall say it again - it's better than any other coffee available at this moment. I mean THE BEST.