Sunday, 26 June 2011

8 years since..

My art work

Not bad at all huh?


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


You have the authority to your mum as a son, but I have the responsibility as a granddaughter to my grandmother. Let it be shouting, cursing or fighting, I shall prevail until the very end with whatever I can do in my might until I can see her. I don't want tor regret for the rest of my life, with my grandfather who is in heaven now and I wasn't able to attend his funeral which has saddened me to the core. The hostility showed to my dad made me a stronger person to face this cruel truth. I am not directing this to everyone, just a certain kind of people.

You have NO rights whatsoever to not allow me to see my grandmother. 

Since you started, I will not step back.
I've heard enough but I had just defended my dad with words ONLY heard by my dad. I have never ever addressed this straightforwardly but not letting me see my grandmother is getting me on my nerve.


Grandfather and grandmother, I hope you are well and I'll do whatever I can to repay you the kindness and love you've showered on my dad, mum, brother and sister. You'll know the truth behind all that's happening and may you please bless everyone abundantly, with the cruel truth revealed.

I remember grandmother boiling chicken soup every weekend for daddy because he worked so hard and had to bring us naughty children up. Sometimes when we tried to drink some of the soup because daddy let us and because he doted us, grandmother would call out at us to let daddy drink it. 

PS - I'm holding back some words which are too sensitive to bear by SOME people just in case they say my dad brought me up wrongly. There are many kinds of influence in this world, just so you know and the word which I mentioned was not taught by my dad. It was with FRIENDS.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Penang, Here I come!

Was at Penang the other day, to savour the food which I had missed for the past year.

Mummy and her horses..

Me...taken with mummy's phone camera. SO BLUR la leng lui mother..

And so we were at our favourite hawker center in McCallister Road..Nomsss..

Daddy's 3 layer tea

My 'gu ling ping' (ais bandung)

Oyster loves 

Shark fin soup. Not sure is it original or not.

BBQ Chicken

This pizza is the best ever pizza I've ever eaten. The old couple made the pizza one by one, into a brick stove, giving us the most delicious pizza in Penang.

Pepperoni - my favourite!

Me and dearest mummy =)

Had to rush back to Ipoh early to catch mummy's train at 6.15pm.

Saying bye-bye to mummy but she's busy looking at something -.-

Ben and daddy inside the train, enjoying the air-cond.

Wrapping up, Penang trip is always the best. We get oysters, pizza, 'gu ling ping' and HIM HEANG 'tau sar pneah'!

I shall reinstate again, HIM HEANG's tau sar pneah is  the best! No other..oh, well, personal preference.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Since 1995...

Remember when you first attended kindergarten? Were you excited, anxious or totally unhappy about the idea/ thoughts of it?

For me, I couldn't remember. Or maybe I did feel shy. I wasn't quite as talkative when I was a toddler.

When through the store room the other day and guess what I found?


Kid's school bags! I don't remember using any of these bags except for the Yamaha Music School one which I attended when I was small. The top 2 bags should have belong to my sister and the bottom left, my brother.

Despite not quite remembering my childhood pretty much, I believed I had a great time. I went to 3 kindergartens, 2 of which are English and 1 Chinese. 

I remember, oh no, I saw, one of my childhood picture where I was on the far right and linked my hand on the shoulder of a Bangladesh boy who wore a turban on his head and another girl, which I've no idea about on the far left.

And then another kindergarten, I have no vivid memories at all. So I"ll just skip that.

And the last one, which was near to my primary school, was a chinese school. It was really wearisome, with most people know how writing chinese (or is it me alone?) is so difficult. Coupled with Chéngyǔ (成语), that makes life more difficult. But nonetheless, it was the only intensive training I've ever had on Chinese language. I remember catching tadpoles using my hands at the drain which had crystal clear water! I had never thought the drain was dirty! Then the tadpoles were placed inside a bottle water and when I played enough, I released them back into the drain =)

And then, I entered Methodist Girls' School (MGS) for my primary school. I had a truce with one of them for a year, but the others were my best friends. I remember buying ice-cream and bubble gums from the aunty who sold them on a cart. Oh pure bliss when you have nothing to worry about! Proud and elated that I've studied hard enough to secure number 1 place in class and number 4 in the whole form, my best achievement so far. 

Things gets interesting with years right?

High school? To be continued : )

How's yours? Reminisce and you'll be intrigued with yourself!
Lovely day!

On another note, life gets more convoluted as life stories entangles. Be it because of own self, someone close, or even strangers. 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bids farewell, so long Bangkok!

The final day, we stayed at Grand Diamond. Which was far better than Baiyoke Sky. Grand Diamond itself is a shopping mall, a new one, hence, not much in there.

Breakfast! Better than Center Point and Baiyoke Sky.

Went and walked around the third LARGEST shopping center in the world - Central World, which was previously burnt down by the antis in Thailand. Not bad at all =)

Saw some VERY pink event going on. Everything is pink. Be it light pink, darker pink, dark pink, or just PINK itself.

HoHoHoHo! Such a BIG Kitty on a bench, all alone. So I decided to join her. 

Oh wow! Man United on the elevator wall! Park Ji Sung and Wayne Rooney 

Yay! Pirates of the Caribbean! Was dreading to see Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow in action!

THOR..Er, not the kind of show I'll watch. Just because the banner is cool.

Oh yes, X-Man - First Class!  

Hello yellow head auntie! *Pecks*

Of this Lego Giraffe is pretty cute!

Oh Boots in Thailand! Wow, you must be doing good!

Drinking Teh Ais (Iced Tea) at Platinum food court, one of our favourite place.

Leaved Bangkok in a very HURRIED manner as we just managed to board the plane 1 minute before the plane departs. Phew...Thank GOD we survived! Lols..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 3 Baiyoke Sky and Jatujak

3rd day was off to Jatujak weekend market, which never fails to impress me. So much of things and bends, you'll get lost. If you see something you want, just get it else you'll not be able to find the shop again.

We sat down and have some food..Pad Thai for me!

Then this was the underground station at Jatujak. It was unbelievably empty. Well, I guess more people prefer  the warmer outside than air-cond.

Me and Nie took some photos...

She loves NY..

But my love's for London only..

But we both definitely love BANGKOK!

Walked about at a street near Baiyoke Sky, selling lots of food! The orange tangerine drink was really nice! For RM2 =)

Uncle cooking Pad Thai, nyamsssssssssssssssss....

Relaxing for some moment on the hotel bed. Oh, we shifted hotel. To Baiyoke Sky. The tallest tower building in Thailand. Despite the title, the bedroom was relatively smaller than Centre Point, the air-cond wasn't as cold, and most importantly, the is not living creature except us in the room but we have companion from little cockroach in Baiyoke Sky! YIKESSSSS!

Cute little 'Tuk-tuks'...

Our one night stay in Baiyoke Sky was a big NO for me. Well, except for the welcome drink and the revolving deck.

Wongs..mummy missing.

Here we go round, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower, the mulberry bush Baiyoke Tower...

Posing against the back drop.

And again...=)

Jatujak made our day. Baiyoke Sky was not a good stay. Food is good.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


as the title speaks......

Hello? Hello? Hello? -OK, reminds me of The Call from my all-time favourite boy band, Backstreet Boys

In the er, Romantic Europe. That's what written on the sign board. But this place is the coolest, coldest place in the whole wide amusement park.

Hot ah..Cover head, cover eyes, cover eyes, peace..We're enjoying the sun!..THIS IS RANDOM..

I was at the desert. Like really was. So hot I need a 1.5 liter of water to quench my thirst.

In the supposed-to-be-cooling rainforest but it had disappoint my expectation.

Going to the Love Garden. Isn't the starting lovely enough? Daddy loves 

There's too much love in here, you have to learn how to contain it. 

Me, sister and daddy love 

Gosh, there's even a love car! *Jumps in* Pose pose pose..

Don't you think this is funny? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie transformation! Step Pitt and Jogeline Jolie, Joad Pitt and Stegelina Jolie, Jamed Pitt and Benjalina Jolie, Bend Pitt and Jamangelina Jolie. I think the last one sounds good. 

At the 7 wonders of the world. We know Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge, Great Pyramid, Colosseum, Leaning tower of Pisa, Angkor Wat...but...what is the Golden Mountain?

Shown enough. No need for words =)

Er, I think Me (No, I'm not smiling), Ben and Hooi Man acted quite well. But what is this Nie and Daddy doing?

The Kings and Queens of Poker.

I tell you...THIS FEELS LIKE HOME! Er, home as in UK home! Threw snow ball and sledge down the slope!

Was a tad bit early at the venue before the Hollywood Action show start so we cow-boyed and cow-girled a  bit at what looks like a..cow-able place. Daddy was the director of all weird actions here. 

Oh my fault cuz the pictures are all squeezed up. Had a really fun posing time with the actors! We had the pistols, the bazooka, and awesome people.

Fooling around time. This Nie must be too tired walking that she just sprawled on the bench just like that.

All the games we played! Didn't took picture at the roller coaster and the water-splashing boat! Our all time favourite - BUMPER CAR. For a moment, I thought our era in Genting Highlands was alive.

Having a jolly fun time walking around the beautiful park.

Ending our day..Thanks to the person behind all these, giving us good memories, good laughter, good rides and good food, DADDY! 

I guess not many people know that there is an amusement park in Thailand, but there is! DREAM WORLD! It would not parallels to that in east coast or disneyland whatsoever but it definitely take you a whole day, no, more, if you'll want to finish this whole park leisurely.

For the cheapest booking to Dream World with transport and buffet lunch, head over to Baiyoke Sky hotel where it costs about 800 bath per person. 
I paid 1000 bath, thinking it was the cheapest, so, you really should thank me for saving you RM 20.