Friday, 10 June 2011

Bids farewell, so long Bangkok!

The final day, we stayed at Grand Diamond. Which was far better than Baiyoke Sky. Grand Diamond itself is a shopping mall, a new one, hence, not much in there.

Breakfast! Better than Center Point and Baiyoke Sky.

Went and walked around the third LARGEST shopping center in the world - Central World, which was previously burnt down by the antis in Thailand. Not bad at all =)

Saw some VERY pink event going on. Everything is pink. Be it light pink, darker pink, dark pink, or just PINK itself.

HoHoHoHo! Such a BIG Kitty on a bench, all alone. So I decided to join her. 

Oh wow! Man United on the elevator wall! Park Ji Sung and Wayne Rooney 

Yay! Pirates of the Caribbean! Was dreading to see Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow in action!

THOR..Er, not the kind of show I'll watch. Just because the banner is cool.

Oh yes, X-Man - First Class!  

Hello yellow head auntie! *Pecks*

Of this Lego Giraffe is pretty cute!

Oh Boots in Thailand! Wow, you must be doing good!

Drinking Teh Ais (Iced Tea) at Platinum food court, one of our favourite place.

Leaved Bangkok in a very HURRIED manner as we just managed to board the plane 1 minute before the plane departs. Phew...Thank GOD we survived! Lols..

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