Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Of mucus and running nose

This is my nose. 

And half my nose is stuck while the other is fine.

uh-huh, please excuse my drawing. It's representative of what I feel, not how it really looks like.

Me and my nose

Monday, 29 March 2010

China China Dim Sum and Cookie Shake Day

Food food and food. Tell me how not to fat? Don't eat will die. And so, we must eat. 

Dim Sum at China China
We ordered
1) Egg tart

2)Wu Kok (Yam stuffs)

3)Some nice stuffs with juicy prawns inside

4) Har Gao and some other dumpling with nuts and veges in it

5) Siu Mai

(Urm, worst Siu Mai ever. DONE. No more.)

Cookie Shake
I ordered The Boubarnain?.....(Something with lots and lots of chocolatey stuffs inside la)
Got Ferrero Roche, got Nutella, got Kinder Bueno, got .......

A cup full of kindness to my soul.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


I just had a bad premonition. 

It was a really bad flashback.

You took in like I don't know how many panadols and that freak me out. 

My mind eventually went blank and I was worried to hell getting you puke out.

I don't want such things to happen anymore. No. No more.

Sorry for the title, I just can't think of a proper one. I'm....out of words now.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Banzai @ Nottingham

We hesitated to have a Japanese meal as..well, it might cost a bomb here. But we found out it wasn't that expensive so we went and had a feast!

The proportion is real big, the quality is not bad, and the environment is OK. Moderately priced (no conversion please..) at about 6pounds per bowl rice/ noodles and about 11pounds for set meals. Lols, KarLai was joking saying we could have a meal in Jogoya back in Malaysia.

So things that we each ordered :-

Me - Korean Gyu Don ( Beef in spicy Korean sauce with Japanese rice)

KarLai - Salmon Teriyaki ? or maybe not cause the gravy doesn't look Teriyaki to me..

MeiKee - She and her unagi meal

QiHua - Udon style fried don't-know-what. :D

WaiXin - Tempura Set?

It was not superb but really filling. But that's all the superbness we could find in UK. So, no complains! :)

And we played around a while. As per usual.

             QiHua ate too much...=8                   WaiXin thinks the flower is quite cute : D

                 Come have some tea please~         Ahha..thank you thank you, the flowers are beautiful ; p

Nyah-ha-ha-ha..I've got teeth-hornsss!!

Act cool 'jumcha'

Then somemore 'kampai'..(Lols..Karlai's Kampai = Ganbei!)


Last but not least, to present you...

Mr Flower Lady Udon Mee

Tsk tsk : d

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tamatanga Urban Indian Kitchen

Canteen? Lols. It does look a bit like A CANTEEN. But nonetheless, it was slightly higher class CANTEEN. Not know, stuffy dirty scrunchy type.

Menu and designs everything so colourful! I like :)

#1 - Thali selection (Mangali sounds better..)

Gideon hungrryyy~

#2 - Cheese & Garlic Naan with mutton which claims to be SPICY but just so you know, there's no legal vocabulary with the right synonym called SPICY here in the English country. 

And a mango lassi :D

Can still take pictures while waiting for the food

Nom Nom Nom Nom..Super Duper Full :)

Loaf of Love, The World Needs My Love

I love what's there been provided. Be it....

A simple meal (READY COOKED was once awesome, but now, NO, not anymore)


A sumptuous one


A family which I cherish most in my entire life (Daddy, Mummy, Ben, Nie)


Friends who are there when I fart (OK, this one ridiculous. We civilised one, no simply farting) or cry or laugh or even just to talk or gossip (Aha! This one common)


A boutique full of clothes I adore so much (Can see can touch can't buy no $$)


A cupboard filled with clothes which I can still afford to buy 

(What a sight you say...)


A stack of papers and notes from lectures and classes


Preferably electronic versions of notes (SAVE THE TREES!)


A glass of half filled milk


A glass of half emptied milk

 I just love both as much. Cause it makes no difference.


A little walk on the outskirts of town


Travelling further out an extra mile


A better world with no pollutions and peace throughout

Just like SLOGGI

 If you're not aware of how much Mother Nature has provided us, perhaps you should start now. 

Recycling. Reuse what's reusable.  
Sloggi has evolve to be even conscious of this matter and thus inspired by passion for a cleaner planet came up with an eclectic assortment of brand new eco-friendly range of lingerie made out of recycled materials. So what says? Comfortableness while saving the earth. 

You're killing 2with 1

Good NO?