Monday, 8 March 2010

Traffic Light Party

It should be an Oriental Night party but...*speechless*

Yesterday night's clubbing was SERIOUSLY practically empty. Less than 100? 

But well, we had quite some fun time ourself and was ousted. 

I don't have definition for every photos's explainable from the picture themselves. Met some friends, drank some shots, had some beers, and the night was....great with all of them :)

Before we actually we had any drinks. Just sitting around chatting and crapping and snapping pictures

I had Stella first and Tiger 2nd. And Cyrus pretty boy was having some B52 which got me excited and he bought me ONE! :)

With darling Michelle <3

And Cyrus, Me, Michelle, LiTheng, Eason & Gary

It''s just cool to have a girl by you 

Uhrm, I forgot your nameeee!! So sorry :(

Some Brit and us

5th-6th March 2010


Isaac Wong said...

Why would you drink Tiger in UK? LOL.
and Stella is not nice. :(

Josephine Wong said...

Because..I just felt like drinking Tiger. And Stella is just nice. :P