Monday, 29 March 2010

China China Dim Sum and Cookie Shake Day

Food food and food. Tell me how not to fat? Don't eat will die. And so, we must eat. 

Dim Sum at China China
We ordered
1) Egg tart

2)Wu Kok (Yam stuffs)

3)Some nice stuffs with juicy prawns inside

4) Har Gao and some other dumpling with nuts and veges in it

5) Siu Mai

(Urm, worst Siu Mai ever. DONE. No more.)

Cookie Shake
I ordered The Boubarnain?.....(Something with lots and lots of chocolatey stuffs inside la)
Got Ferrero Roche, got Nutella, got Kinder Bueno, got .......

A cup full of kindness to my soul.

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