Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The insight

My host, a married couple brought us back to their home in Beeston Lower Road. Altho it looks small on the outside...

With some spaces for some pretty flowers..

We entered their home which was so exciting. You know, the feeling of experiencing something new, something bizarre, something we first-timers here doing first-time type of stuffs..

Voila..the inside kitchen, as welcoming and warming as it looks. Such homey feeling...

Entered another room, the dining room where there is an electric 'combustion' site. (Sorry, I forgot the name..)

The dining table in pretty bold RED.

Then we move to their backyard..and see that it is full of green grass and green shrubs and everything we add our flavour into the frame.

(Much better right?)

The living hall. As per expected, the furnitures are so IKEA-type and true enough, they are from IKEA. IKEA rules predominantly, though I have not much furniture 'preference'. But I do like their trendy up-to-date style which really suits the peoples' demand.

Sarah with her cute tea-pot in the window frame!

Jojo, Su Ting (Natalie), Kai Yin (Jade)

The bathroom interior. I'm gonna post this up anyway even if it's crap.

Cuz I quite like the vase at the window pane. : )

The Black Sheep. So cute lar. Somemore got bell hang around its neck.

The guest room. So pretty and nice.

The study table in the study room. Oh crap, I need to clean and rearrange stuffs on my table soon. REALLY SOON.

The socks hanging round the door knob.

Their room! Privacy exposed! But there's nothing much really. Just AGAIN, pretty flowers by the window pane.

And cool stuffed toys on the cupboard. Bearbear, Lione and Sheepy!

The tortoise in the bowl..Not 1 but 3..Specky tortoise!

Eiffel tower! by the window pane again..

I asked Jesus, "How much do you love me?"
He answered, "This much"
And he stretched out His arms and died.

The entrance door, the 'hanging cloaks/ jackets/ etc.' place.

The handmade bookshelf by Mr Darush himself.

Market Square

This's practically just a square in the middle which is quite the spacious. But not very. So it comes in like...(calculating.....)...(still calculating...) some pretty square feet. : )

Got some big fountain spaces at one end where small children do take that as..their swimming pool (or so I think?)

This dad is so cool. Lols. Swinging his daughter up and up.

And this group of girls are crazy! It was sooooo cold and chilly outside and...Sorry, I forgot it's NORMAL for them. My problem.

Both Wai Xin and Qi Hua's birthday is in September and we were unable to celebrate for them in Malaysia. So we did it in Market Square!

They shouting "Wo Ai Ni!" to each other across the "pool".

The birthday couple

And we went in Starbucks cause it was chilling outside and we didn't want to squat near the fountain eating the cakes.

Gracious. Starbucks Frap! With chocolate cake. What else more can I ask?

Nottingham Castle

View taken off from the castle. The middle building somewhat reminds me of a lady bug. Ew. With 4 things sticking out on it's back. Ugh.

I love all the statues in UK! Aren't they all just so beautiful? Malaysia only has like...Tugu Negara? And I've never seen it before.

An antique car.

And some other buildings.

Friends and friends..You can't just not take pictures. Don't give me such crap as.."I will remember it in my heart.." or WHATEVER. Pictures are the best evidence. RIGHT!


Qi Hua

Mei Kee

Li Ping

Wai Xin

Kar Lai

Aren't my friends just beautiful?

The Big Wheel's

is at Nottingham. It's somewhere on the upper road of Market Square. Splendid on the outside. I do judge something which I first see.

Just walking distance from the Angel Row bus-stop.

Look right and we saw Robin Hood bush sculpture. Look left, (erm, I forgot what's there..).

As we entered the castle, more specifically the compound of the castle, we met two tall green fellas. As in those striking green colour outfits bling bling type.

So we walked up the road again, and we saw a real Robin Hood. :)

And we walked up again, and we snap some more photos on the way up.

Reaching up, there's a big Luminarium but it's closed for entrance since we're late. Well, we make a U-turn and walked up the castle instead. (Everything closes even before the sun sets..)

It was awesome in the castle. Though I wouldn't say it's very very much the awesome as compared to Malaysia Kuala Kangsar Kellie's Castle. Nottingham Castle has been refurbished and beautify that it doens't look much castle-feel to me than it is.

There's a lot of kiddies attraction here such as this, bubble cycling? Well, the bubbles are so cute and the girl was pedalling the machine like.."I want more Bubbles!!BUbbles!!Bubbless!!"

And then we entered the...

I don't know what is it here but I just took pictures inside where I'm not supposed to. So, these pictures are privileged. You might get caught if you wanna take the next time!

Noah's Ark.

The museum from the outside. Majestic.

And some very deep stuffs which I don't care to understand after reading it once.