Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dinner at flat

Eating is a..disorder here for me. Malaysia is..well, blessed with many flavours of food which I'm already missing now. Since I'm nowhere near home, we cooked our Malaysian style food here in our flat. :)
(At least that brings me a tiny bit nearer to home..)

Today's menu was...
1. Onion omelette
2. Mixed veges (again, again and'll know why when you scroll down)
3. Cauliflower with button mushrooms (I tell you, this was great! Seriously..)
4. Chicken!! (And this surprisingly came out very very good!)

Yesterday's menu was..
1. Mixed veges (again?)
2. Buttered cauliflower
3. Tomato omelette
4. Turkey and chicken 'steaks' ( I forgot what's it 'steak' it shall be..)

Day before yesterday menu was..
1. Fried potato
2. Spaghetti and the spiral stuff
(Basically that's all but the sauce was quite inedible...Tasted weird)

Day before 'day before yesterday' menu was..
1. Mixed veges (for the very first time..)
2. Some roasted oven ready chicken
3. Mashed potato

(Tsk tsk..everyone was hungry we can't wait to eat..)

We're glad the mixed veges are all used up! Next veges please! : )

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