Sunday, 20 September 2009

Nottingham City

This is my first trip to the city by Bus #36! I say it's fascinating! It's...(let the pictures speak themselves..)

The first thing I captured when I step foot on Nottingham City.

Corner lot Miss Selfridge. Very cun.

Must have Self portrait.

This one while standing on the street don't know what to do so just snap.

This building seems a lil run down but well..

the tram so happen to pass by...

I think this building is pretty awesome. Very architecture. Very...very..just very..

So beautiful right? Shophouses, bazaar, street...

people, food....

and US. :)

Violin man.

Oh and Wilkinson, the first shop I started buying my stuffs. A big bottle of shower for only 47p. Cheap like what. And the bottle is BIG. maybe 1 or 1.5 litres.

And that's when I call it a day.


SL said...

told u things in the uk are not that exp... hehe..

Josephine Wong said...

Well, some are not..but most are!!: P