Friday, 18 September 2009


Yaki-Yaki is situated just right beside Low Yat Plaza. The price is surely affordable for everyone and you could fill up your stomach as much as you wish. (RM18.90++ for either lunch or hi-tea)

This price is only for the promotional period until September if I'm not mistaken. So, don't miss the chance!

Being it my last day in M'sia, why not fill up my stomach to the brink?

This is some cuisine I don't know what's it categorised under but they have quite a variety to choose from as you can see.

This's the other area of dining. I think there's approximately 65 tables or so in the area.

BBQ-ed food are served here. Take and ready to eat!

Our BBQ set on the table : )

I think this's some clam in wine. (It's pretty diluted..)

Sushi gracious. The best thing you can get here is the SUSHI. SUSHI I tell you. It's a must!

This's nice. Abalone with mushroom sauce!

Our barbeque set with the smoke suction thingy on top.

This's terrible. And so I forgot the name.

This's chicken with honey sauce. Pretty delicious~

The dessert not as appetizing as it looks. Though, the chocolate coffee one is nice.

The only 5 choices of cakes they have. That's all for your sweet tooth.

And here's what I meant by great sushi. Butterfly coming your way! : )

The sisters moment. Always and forever will be, loving you!

Ah, the cocktail drinks. Starting from the orange colour, : - Orange (no good), honeydew shake (not bad), long island tea (great!), sour twist (the bottomline of everything else), sparkling rose (superb!!), and the red one in the middle, SMILE (good)

The Japanese sweet potatoes are REALLY REALLY REALLY sweeettt!!

Remember to go try yah!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Look Like so delicious. I will go try soon...

Josephine Wong said... is delicious..and worth the price paid too!!!