Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday the goner

Birmingham for the whole day. That's a goner! A really satisfying goner XD

And when I thought Birmingham has no coffee republic..I was wrong. This city....has ONE! XD

Police was everywhere around Bullring at about 4-ish and that bloody freaks me and Linda out!
Seems like it was a protest but fortunately, nothing happened.


My brother and daddy had gone head over heels with Transformers! Hasbro, Tayara, etc..

Oh my goodness..

After the BumbleBee, now it's Protoform of Optimus. Or something that goes like that.

OK la. At least I got a shape out of the twisting and shuffling and twisting again...

Because Transformer don't really interest me, this next one interests me =D

My new bag

I likes <3

End of story. Off to Birmingham tomorrow for food, shop and walk!

A little lady luck today

Tho not much, but my first ever lottery win! =)


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Not my best..not the best..

Have you all have your high school picture to hide?

Oh well, I did but there's nothing to be ashamed of really. I don't look my best, neither am I the best looking!

So here it is - me best sister =)

How I miss those times =(

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Transformers Battle Blade Bumblebee

Are you over the Transformer fever yet?

Definitely not my brother since he asked me to buy him this!

Such a Transformer-ian me brother LOLS

Oh wow, the advance word there seems a little....probably just for 5+ years?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


A tapestry made by church member resembling the town of Redditch. It does really looks alike! 
Such hard work =)

I'm waiting for my October GlossyBox to come! Excited =D

The flu season is bloody well here. My nose is like a tap water, but there also seems to be a mucus plug, which made it hard to breathe. Goshhhhhhhhhhh!

And my assessment today went really well! I was ticked satisfactory to double up the satisfaction.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What's up folks?

Hiya, I know I've been late but better late than never! So you must be thinking what happened to my 8 days dead blog hm?

Oh well, it's just been really busy. Really tiring. Really stressed. And all the bullshits happening all at once.

So I was away for my 2-study day at St Albans. I've never woke up this early, 5.30am since I was standard 6 to reach Birmingham and car pool with my other friends to St Albans in time for the first session at 9.30am. What I did in the car? SLEEP. ALL THE WAY. So we arrived, had our study, and by the end of the day, we check in and to my surprise, everyone gets a room to themselves!

I've never ever ever ever had such a big room to myself so you can imagine how ecstatic I was!

See that air-conditioner? I actually had it on at 20 degree, despite it being quite cold outside, because I miss having air-conditioner. I hid myself well under the thick duvet anyway =) 

My friends and I actually went bowling after dinner and it was great fun! She renamed us all to male names, Vincent, Rob, Richie, Peter and me Jack for Jackie Chan. (Lols, was I proud for him!)

Relaxing on me bed at the end of the day

It was a fun 1 day night stay but a tiring journey on the road.


On another very random note, or maybe not quite, I mentioned I went to the saloon in my previous post. And yeah, I've got a straight cut behind.

No comment but since I've not got weird or bad feedback from people, I guess it looks alright.


Strawberry chocolate cupcake by Linda Tan

Linda it was yummydelifingerlicking-licious!
Thank you!


My eyeliner has been stagnant at its position for quite some time so I just fiddled around with it since I haven't been drawing on my eyes for quite some time.



I attended a harvest supper today and it was a very nice experience. And very jolly too! Oh what great people I've met. Can't wait for church tomorroooooooow! God bless you all.


The four randomly inserted post after the main one above is just slotted in because I'm a little lazy to write a new post and because there's nothing much to talk about my cut hair, a cupcake and my eyeliner right?

Yeap, so that's it.

I'm still very alive except that my soul is telling me it's not getting enough rest.
Am I talking rubbish?

Oh well..
Bye bye folks!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yin and Yang

It's bloody autumn now but it feels like winter. 
I seriously cannot withstand the coldness of the breezing wind today that I have to take shelter in the bus stop.

Was it too contrasting that last week was sunny and nice?

Scarf from mummy 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Aiming at...

1. iPad2
2. BB Curve
3. Monthly hair treatment to get them hair nice, smooth and silky
4. Gym at least twice weekly to get em' 6 pack or toned 11 lines

Yeap, that's it.

Ooooh, I'm getting me hair cut this Saturday! 
I couldn't actually bring myself to the saloon last week although I had intended to get it cut last week because...because...because...

Well you'll understand if you have hair this LONGGGGG!

but don't worry, I won't chop it off too much! 


When I grow up..

Haven't you had that perfect dream of becoming what you want to be in your childhood days? You know, HANDSOME pilot, PRETTY air hostess, TALL AND SLIM model, PLAYS INSTRUMENT (piano) mozart or bach or shumann, NICE VOICE singer, etc etc. The only reason the bold letters are because without those, it doesn't really matters what follows behind.

-Don't bluff, I know you do-

I had the random-est occupation I actually wrote down when I was seven. Before that, I was the typical kid who wants to be a professional, rich, and looked highly upon doctor in profession. And I had police (I don't even know why, but I think because I can hold baton and hand cuffs). And I had singer (actually my voice isn't that bad, just that it's not singers level). And I had air hostess and model (buey pai seh). Back to the random one, it was postman (How in the world...). Well, I guess I really enjoyed taking letters from the postman when I was little. It's the joy of getting a letter with your name on it! Oh delivering happiness!

However, I'm not far tracked from the list I've got. I'm a training pharmacist (which is a professional job), I have to guard people coming in on drug dependence prescription (which is some sort of a police part-time job), I do sing at home in front of my laptop (Infinite, TVXQ, etc), I do fashion show in my room in front of my long mirror on clothes I bought (modelling lahh for my own pleasure!), and er, I serve myself dinner everyday in my seat (air hostess right!)

So what's your wildest dream? Have you achieved it? Are in you the process of achieving it? Or are you a hundred millions kilometer away from it?

When you can't help but think that you fail miserably, think twice as positively and you'll see you're on the right track.

ps: I'm even excited now whenever I get a letter through the post box for me! Don't underestimate what postman do OK! Postwoman as well!

Through thick and thin, cold and hot, snow or no snow, wind or no wind, rain or no rain, I shall deliver em' letters!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

October the 1st already?!?!?!

The sun's too tempting, I can't not go out. 
And I'm not complaining because this is awesome compared to wind and rain.

Tried on the Vintage Blue colour from Avon. Not bad..too bad I can't colour my nails for work =(

Me dinner tonight =)
Congee with preserved pickles, Wong Lo Kat and BBQ chicken!

I hope the month of October would be good. 

I know this is random. Please excuse me.