Thursday, 29 November 2007

29th October 2007

today's class ended very much earlier than i expected..12.30pm d finish..then went out to eat with mei kee, kar lai and 7 more other ppl..hehe!!hubby's still in genting...leaving me alone here...hehe!!no la...i jaga house for hubby k?!dun worry...i miss u very much...i alone sleep on the bed nite scared le...i on light until 7.15am only close...haha!!!sorry for wasting electricity yea...scared nia..

tomolo got presentation le..die ler...dunno how le...practise alone now...hehe!!hopefully would do well tomolo...anyway,it's just 5 mins...not very long....GUA....gambateh!!yeehoo....

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

21 October 2007 is MR day...lab finished very early today..12.15 finish d..then went back room n wait for mei kee n kar lai to finish their game...then came back here...around 4 le..hehe!!tonite got pasar malam oh...can't wait to go ler...want eat a lot of things...nyam nyam..~~

hubby got hair cut later...wan b leng chai leng chai ler...hehe!!!muaksz!!sayang...

gonna play PT now le lo...tata!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

14th October 2007 class,i mean LAB..haiz...suppositories wo...everyone had not enough time to finish...some their products are totally ruined...luckily mine was OK ler...if not,the whole process need to prepare can die le...but i think i wrapped the suppository too tight..hahaz!!guess the shape's out d..nvm la...furthermore, it's marked by Chloe...oh my!!!

anyway, class dismissed early today!!yippee!!actually, is we dismiss early ourselves...hehe!!well, majority of the class does...haha!!

hubby gonna be back late today...cuz got talk on back bone today...hehe!!i'll wait u!!!muaskz!
Dear Najib,


A Malaysiakini report entitled
'This is an Islamic state : Najib reports that YOU made the following statements:
" Malaysia is an Islamic state and not a secular one. Islam is the official religion and we are an Islamic state. We have NEVER been secular…"
Like you, I too believe in Islam.

And like me, I am sure that YOU know full well that God commands the truth and nothing but the truth.

I am therefore first obliged to ask IF YOU DID INDEED make these claims?

If so, let me state categorically that YOUR claims are UNTRUE.

THIS IS THE TRUTH as I discern from the materials that abound.

YOUR late father,
according to history, was part of the 1956 delegation that went to London to secure our independence.

Truly, this nation is indebted to YOUR late father, the late Tunku and every freedom fighter of the era for securing independence for our nation. And a SECULAR Federal Constitution.


Have YOU not read the Reid Commission report, that document that bears testimony to the selfless work of our leaders of days gone by?

Tun Salleh Abas (former Lord President of the Supreme Court) did, in extenso, in the case of Che Omar Che Soh. I have referred to this in an earlier post entitled
'Historical and Constitutional Position of Islam Judicially Examined'

Let me reproduce for YOU here the relevant excerpt from Tun Salleh's judgment.
"…we have to set aside our personal feelings because the law in this country is still what it is today, SECULAR law, where morality NOT accepted by the law is NOT enjoying the status of LAW.
Perhaps that argument should be addressed at other forums or at seminars and, perhaps, to politicians and Parliament.
Until the law and the system is changed, we have NO choice but to proceed as we are doing TODAY. "
Do YOU know what Tunku's view was on this secular / Islamic state issue?

See what Tunku said on the occasion of his 80th birthday as reported by the Star in February, 1983.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tunku said :
" The country has a multi-racial population with various beliefs.
Malaysia MUST continue as a secular State with Islam as the official religion ".
Tunku was NOT alone.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This how the report in the Star reads :
"Former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn has supported Tunku Abdul Rahman's view that Malaysia should NOT be turned into an Islamic state 'The nation can still be functional as a SECULAR state with Islam as the offical religion, ' he said."
What were YOU thinking of when YOU made what appear to me to be unfounded claims?

Aside from being untrue, they also amount to a slur on Tunku and Tun Hussein.

These two great statesmen got it wrong?

As one who, like you, professes a belief in Islam, I must ask that you DESIST in these UNFOUNDED contentions.

As you also well know, God in the Holy Qur'an commands that when there is a dispute on an issue, it is proper to call in the evidence of the respective parties.

You say Islamic state. I say secular.

I have produced my proof.

" Have you any knowledge with you? If so, bring it forth" - Surah 6 verse 148 of the Holy Qur'an.

Please note that I have refrained from invoking the last part of the verse above.
At this juncture, I shall assume you were merely mistaken.

I am obliged to say here that IF YOU insist on continuing to make these assertions without bringing forth your proof, I shall invoke the curse of God as commanded in Surah 3 verse 61 of the Holy Qur'an

PS..wat is happening la..getting from bad to worst..sigh..wake up!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

tree chair...anyone interested?!hubby wanna sit on it ma?

this one i dunno how to describe...entwined into one?!?

ladder tree!!one by one..

ah...special...somewhat looks like a snakie~~

6th November 2007

Today's very hectic..

not enuf sleep..went to class late..everything upside down..

din get to bathe...head itched all over..

morning up late..where still got time to bathe?!

finish class straight went back room to bathe and washed 13 pieces of garments...


rushing to catch my fren who's fetching me to your place...and somemore i made her parents waited for me...sigh...

not awake now also fully awake le...

how's ur tummy ne?rub rub it k..muz b food poisoning or smtg ler..dun eat from tat stall anymore le k?

love u..

Friday, 26 October 2007

26th October 2007

hello my dear blog...

yesterday was really a bad day...i lost and spoiled my precious pictures and photo frame due to...oh glass photo frame was shattered..F!?%^#*'s my first and the most beautiful frame..i just wanna tell u i love u very much...and im sorry..

sorry to u too darling...i was overboard yesterday nite...and this morning...let me share the burden with u k?!if there's any job which suit for weekend de,do tell me k?!i wanna work to share with u...dun make me feel bad...

thanks for the beautiful nail polish ya...apply d make me feel like superstar!!!shinning n glimmering****bling bling~!

i wasn't very happy these few days with the loan thingy and my lab practical...i...sigh...nvm nvm...over point crying over split milk rite?!?!hubby dun scared feel lonely k?!lao po will be here with u de...hubby say got lao po can le rite?!so i'll b here de...muaksz!!!but hubby dun always get angry when i late reply le...sometimes might be my phone sot sot..then u scold me y never check ur phone de meh?!dunno i find u de meh?!?.....actually,i very busy in uni de...have to study...find lots of info...go comp lab check mail...cuz lecturer will inform anything to us thru mail de...tat's y...i know not as busy and tired as hubby...but study also tired de...same same de...but...sorry also ok?!?sayang back...hug hug...

hubby dun drink alcoholic drink d la...face so fast become tanglung only...hehe!!2 sips ONLY ah...aiyoyo...i 3 bottles also 'mo nai nai' leh...kekekeke!!!

hubby, now we *pwooh*, count 1,2,3 then forget everything can ma?!?

i love u always n forever....

p/s: sob sob...leave me alone at home...hehe!!joking la...hubby happy means i happy also...muaksz!!!


oh, uncle lim passed away...sad news...he contributed so much and given us all a wonderful pleasure to spend our holis in his own build GENTING HIGHLAND...remembered my friends always teased me saying,"wha?!!going to ur second home again?!?!"...haha!!cuz last time i would go up genting most of the weekends...enjoyed the outdoor n indoor theme park...bumper car and's been now...3 years i guess...i've not went up there due to...STUDY la...wat else...but anyhow,thanks yea UNCLE LIM for my second home...= )
may u rest in peace and....we love ya!!!

Monday, 22 October 2007

22nd October 2007

hello bloggie...

miss u n my darling hubs very very tired d...class till 4...then went back dorm...clean room....5 went to meeting for tennis club....then...come library...n now in comp lab.....fweuh!!!wanna go back now damn tired sure my hubby is too cuz he work everyday also tired de...sayang u ok!? u forever....going back now ler....gonna receive my message soon d...


Saturday, 20 October 2007

19th October 2007 woke up at 12.21pm...kinda late...but it's all because i was sleeping soundly with my darling hubby...hehe!!ate our breakfast and guilinggao...nyam nyam...i love u hubby...hehe!!

darling's watching tvb drama forensic heroes...the latest one...gonna be aired on astro on demand de...hehe!!!gonna go watch with him now...


Thursday, 11 October 2007

12th October 2007

It's now 2.22 am...just finished talking with hubby on the phone...y do we always need to quarrel on this kind of things....

Don't u know i like and love u being around me?!i don't have any friends who are close to heart and as i said b4, ur my best friend..and that's y when i'm back home with my family,i felt close...i'm happy there...and yet i will still spend some time with you whenever i could...i couldn't at times for one or another reason which i don't know whether or not u know...

Y didn't i mix around?!why i can't get close to anyone?because u r here...imagine if ur not here...last time in UCSI i would be mingling around with joyce and likim and canny n limin notts, i would be with tsi ngar group...without the weekend spending with u instead,i would be with them...but because of u..i din care those...even hui or carmen, how frequent u c i communicate with them?!not that i don't want...but if i'm with them...there wouldn't be anytime for u...and i din't want that...

u said on the phone what have i sacrificed for u...that i always accept and never give...i don't think like u...buying sushi and stuffs,i din c it as sacrifice....i just wan to give u a surprise and see u happy...walking to ur house...cuz we quarrel and i din wan to take bus and i needed to c u...i don't know what sacrifice is and for me,i just do whatever i can think make u happy...

the UCSI matter was a great one to it affect me...just gotta let go...even when we went there for the second time and met Mr Ikhwan, u still asked me don't send in my results..i wonder what will happen if i just ignored u that moment and send in...i would be in...and....well...

U said i lost my teenage life in my 2 years life in MRSM...and now,ur putting me into a situation as b4...and there goes my...adulthood?!u said i was naive...stupid...this and that...then how would this make a difference?!u want me to change from that...and when im in there...i would just be the same all round...

I asked my family to come back earlier or go KL to be with once...and coming one...and ur birthday...remember,it might be easy for u to ask the same thing from ur parents...but we're all different....that's what make the difference....

And don't mention i'm controlled by my dad...sometimes he's irrational...that i know...but some of his actions was merely his daughter...and all he wants is to protect me...i don't know how would u react as a dad next time...but i hope u'll be like my far as protection..

i told u daddy scolded me on the phone and asked me to break off with u...he said one thing i'll remember the rest of my time u'll married off and what do i get back?!ur bro is now asking and wants to study oversea...
but he sacrified it for u know my bro ask my dad to send me oversea study instead of him earlier on?!?

Hubby,i don't have friends to spill out everything on...and i'm not one to spill everything to someone either...i have more grief inside than u do...i remember everything...which i will not forget...or frankly saying i can't...

You're scared and afraid that u'll lose me...but i tell u,u won't..and this is not any quote or resemblance from ur past...don't reminisce matter how similar it seems to be...cuz it's all in ur mind..

i lost a dear bro close to heart to me when i was very very small...a bro i told u b4...and everytime i think bout it..tears will roll down..i can still feel his connection with me...and i don't know how or why it is so...but whenever i thought bout him...i can feel him looking on me...his calm only he's here bro...i lost...

hubby..i love u very much...missing u lots too...u must take good care of urself too k?i might be selfish as u said...but everyone did...u did...i did...we all did...all in all,i just wanna say...

Hold me tightly...but let your grip be a gentle one...

p/s: sorry that i din went to sleep after closing the phone...just want to write blog...and spill out not heartless...i have feelings...and each word u say now...other than those sweet missing and lovings...are just...still to sleep now...

valley of sadness kindles,
residing in each either one of us,
buried deep within the heart,
as long as time unfold the memories fort.

remember where we are?!

Monday, 8 October 2007

8th October 2007(nite)

Ah,another day again...

Class by Mr Khoo(dubbed the most handsome lecturer by most of my classmates)...was...un-understandable...this was how it went....

he started off the class with Phase Equilibria...then the phase graph...he explained on and on for 40 minutes...all the while,no one understand...and keep on questioning him...and at last...we dun even know wat kinda graph is that....and Mr Khoo thought we learn it somemore in which we din..haha@!!

well,so our class went blur...and so did he...

anyway,that's wat happen in class...

i miss u hubby...muaksz!!
tired working ha...i help u massage...sek u...muaksz!!

8th October 2007

Ah...another monday morning again...hubs kissed me b4 he went to work..hug hug!!

have to attend classes again..till 4...oh gosh...getting sick of it ady...anyway,i missed u darling...very very much...

remember to rest enuf k..muaksz!!i'll be coming over this tues rite?!hehe...

and who says i don't blog?!!

thanks for the photo stickers it very much...was the most beautiful moment of my life...reli love them very much...u muz keep urs in safe hands too k...who knows someone might break in n steal our pics..~?!juz joking..hehe....

anyway,i love u dars...

Sunday, 7 October 2007

7th October 2007

Oh Man...

I heard hubby n his mummy quarreling about something upstairs...dun feel good about it...hope u r ok hubby..i love u...

Why is it i always feel tat it's because of i thinking too much?!oh out of my mind..

i love u hubby...quick come downstairs...wanna hug u...

Monday, 1 October 2007

1st October 2007

Oh man,today was tired..dunno why...n i feel asleep in Dr Morris's class...cuz he's too boring...sienz!~n i forgot bout hubby messaging me...shoot...luckily mei kee n kar lai made some noise which woke me up...

Class was quite tough..which made all of us tired...= (

Sunday, 30 September 2007

30th September 2007

My eyes felt like swelling since yesterday..argument...not a good thing...dun talk to me so harsh anymore le...i hold myself back that time d...i guess it's the same that u held back today went im in the train talking bout the asshole who pushed my mum..

Anyway,wanna say sorry and apologies for scolding u n talking loudly or harshly to u...felt bad...many times i wan voice this out in front of u but at the moment i want spill out,seems like something holding me back...then i swallowed back those words...

i love u dearly...dun say u dun feel anymore or i dun love u at all...cuz i really do love u and when u say no,it's...i dunno how to describe the feeling...since u said it loud and clear and so's like u overpowered me with ur saying...and im voodoo-ed to "i dun love my hubby~~..."

hubby un le and say wont call so frequent...thanks ya those situation,i also dun know wat to 50-50..i love u hubby...i want talk to u long long too de...sometimes i miss u reli much...but at the situation,i hav to hold on a while first...and say,it's ok...later i'll call him..n probably i'll end up messaging hubs!!

darling,i promise i'll love u more n more k?!?!muaksz!!sayang...

And whatever happened today,hubby must carefully choose friend kay?!there's one bad example d..caused much grieve and sadness to us...sort of late that u realized it now...since it was serious...but,we got thru it rite?!what shud i do if she call me in uni?!walk away?!is that wat i shud do?or walk up to her n face it like a girl...wanted to say woman...hehe!!!

Xiang is ur good friend...i can see...n i have no complications or whatsoever...cuz i can feel he's good...u muz trust me new sense ler...sense of evaluating whether a friend is good or opposite...u muz treasure him k?!i let this one of from u...i wanted to confront her n talk it out to her if i meet her...but u refused...n...i accept it's real bad....but xiang different....treasure k?!i wished i'll hav such a friend one day later...seems like THE ONE haven't appeared yet....

i used to primary till sec 1 or 2 like tat...she a chinese malay...khairunnisa...i call her khai!!she's also my sis godsis..hehe!!we were so closed...but after that...i mixed with another group of fren...since we moved to different class...n our friendship got further n thing which i regret...then i got close to yoon shin...but that lasted only till...i leave MGS...hehe!!but we're still frens now ler...i wish i have a friend to whom i can spill out everything....

N so best friend is hubby...which is also my hubby....= )

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

some other pics...

me n hubs during firework night...

another pic for the night...

me and friends on ice breaking nitez....

pictures of fireworks...

small little childrens lighting up colourful candles that brighten up the night...

At the beginning.....

Poof!!!and then...


vanished into thin air...tadah!!!


25th September 07

25th September 07

Yesterday was almost filled with class..went to the computer lab to chat with my darling..wanted to post smtg on blog but u're worried cuz it's getting have to leave...anyway,missed u of the class was kinda many potentials n graphs lines...need to spend more time analyzing it...others was fun...went to the library b4 computer lab to find some books for referance...but..haha!!guess wat...the shelf is empty!!!my colleagues are reli hardworking huh?!i mean sure there are some pharmacy books available but the ones we need n others sort of...not on the shelf to find my own info on the net now..anything will long as it provides me some further understanding...

Today i'll have lecture from 10-11 then 12-1 on lab safety induction...then,1-1.30 pharmnotts activity where we sell yellow ribbons in collaboration with the yellow week to help out in the national cancer campaign(or smtg like that?!)hmz...will be on mobile in campus selling yellow ribbons!!!hm...this reminds me of an oldy song...tie a yellow ribbbon round the old oak tree...nice song...a song i learn when i was in MGS Ipoh during singing classes...

Oh tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree,

It's been 3 long years.....

If U still want me....

ahaksz!!!i guess the lyrics something like that...not that sure either...find it somemore in imeem(if they have it...)...worth listening...who says old song not hear-able?!

But, different ppl have different likings...can't blame tho...some are real boring!!hehe!!sometimes the light easy channel songs offence!!!my view my view only!!!fly fm songs are nice...i tune into it most of the time...i mean all the time hubby pulak always change to chinese song!!

Tomorrow there's also signing up for clubs and society...i planned d...wan sign up for CF and tennis club...sure one...others c first ler...= )

Hubby, u talk so sweet u!!muz always be cheerful n cute k?!!sayang....

Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Bright n Nice Sunday morning

Hmz..wake up early this Morning finding hubby by my hugging him..he's like a very very cuddled up baby..kissed his cheeks n lips...we hugged...and rolled on the bed...holding tightly to each other...darling hubby,are you feeling me??!muaksz!!

Anyway,i love u!!!huggies~

What are gonna do later?hmz...continue hugging??hehe...

Whatever it is...i'll b here for you...muaksz!!

timetable for you hubby

Since week 1 have passed,we look forward to the weeks to come kayz?!

Week Holis
2 Tues end 12.30pm, Wed free , Thurs start 10am, Fri end 5pm
3 Mon end 4.00pm, Tues free , Wed start 10am , Fri end 12pm
4 Fri end 12.00pm, - , Mon start 10am
5 Fri end 12.00pm, - , Mon start 10am
6 Fri end 12.00pm, - , Mon start 10am
7 Wed end 4.00pm, Thurs free, Fri start 10am , Fri end 12pm, Mon 10am
8 Fri end 12pm, - , Mon start 10am
9 Fri end 12pm, - , Mon start 10am
10 Fri end 12pm, - , Mon start 10am
11 Fri end 12pm, - , Mon start 10am
12 Mon end 3pm, Tues free , Wed start 10am , Fri end 12pm

  1. --
  2. Mon 17th Sept 07
  3. Mon 1st Oct 07
  4. 8th Oct 07
  5. Mon 22nd Oct 07
  6. Mon 29th Oct 07
  7. Mon 5th Nov 07
  8. Mon 12th Nov 07
  9. Mon 19th Nov 07
  10. Mon 26th Nov 07
  11. Mon 3rd Dec 07
  12. Mon 10th Dec 07
seasonal calendar

Saturday, 22 September 2007

23rd September 2007

A picture of Rowee and Sweetie.. A picture of Hubby and Lao Po..

Not much..i mean not at all of the kind of species we are...but surely we are as sweet as they are...muaksz!!to my one n only hubby...

Today was fun...We went for lunch at an "open lunch place"...forgot what's the term....ahaksz!!but hubby ate like..a lot a lot...cuz he's very hungry...he gobble n eat so fast..hehe!!such a cutie...he took things for me to eat...but i'm all stuffed...sushi...sausage...(but the food wasn't that nice!!)...except for the bi-hun with curry poured over it...nyam nyam~~

Then at night we went for a lantern festival celebration at hubby's cousie skul...there's the lion thingy...then childrens playing candle...then me n hubby took photos...haha!!also there's a firework show...sob sob..then i used hubby's camera to 'jiu geng'..then they start the fireworks..then he missed the beginning of it...then he "scolded" me...haha...anyway,the photos will upload later...or can visit my hubby's site for some views..hmz....

Oh Ya,we went to steven corner for dinner...a RM 6 mint lamb+cheese naan+plain naan+maggi goreng double+teh ice+ais kosong...RM 14 bucks...they sort of miscounted rite??!but who cares...we chaoz rite after that...haha!!!the meal was so so so nice...after such a long time din visit there d...hmz....

Okok...that's a summary of what happens today...adios amigos!!!huggies...

my song so meaningful...

If youre not the one then why does my soul feel glad today
If youre not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I never know what the future brings
But I know you are here with me now
Well make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I dont want to run away but I cant take it, I dont understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms

If I dont need you then why am I crying on my bed
If I dont need you then why does your name resound in my head
If youre not for me then why does this distance maim my life
If youre not for me then why do I dream of you everynight

I dont know why youre so far away
But I know that this much is true
Well make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in youre the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life

I dont want to run away but I cant take it, I dont understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms...

cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away
And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today
cause I love you, whether its wrong or right
And though I cant be with you tonight
And know my heart is by your side

I dont want to run away but I cant take it, I dont understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that i can stay in your arms...

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

First time

Well...First time using this blogger thingy...kinda weird but think will get used to it soon...actually it's my darling hubby suggested to use that we can spill out everything here..hehe!!anyway,wanna jot some things down here to test test this site...chaoz...