Friday, 26 September 2008

27th September 2008

This's a post that should be posted on the 24th September 08 but i have no internet connection!!tat's y it was postponed till today...~!

Uni has resume and class is as normal… Everyday class ends around 3 or 4; which isn’t very late tho…moved into the new rented was alright..lols!!except for the ceiling fan again which is totally wrong!!!imagine switching on number 5 and you only get number 1 wind from that!!!phew~!but life’s great..meeting back uni mates and hanging out like before..only thing that’s different…

looking back at things… Yeah, I do miss them tons… Those ‘being together’ times and memories we had… It’s hard to forget really… especially after looking back at our pictures taken together and the places we went before…I really was looking at a future of ours, but reality seems to be the total opposite… You cheated behind my back… And still you wouldn’t admit your fault… You’ve changed a truly lot… You started lying… one GREAT thing which you hated very much before to those who lied to you… why is it so?what has gone wrong?

This is totally lamenting..i am not looking nor waiting or hoping anything or just totally change and you’re not the one who I see in those pictures anymore…

One thing you did great was I felt really blissful being your ‘wife-to-be’ for the 2 years..of cause there were times we quarrel lots and cried throughout the night but hey,we went through it didn’t we?so now we’re divorced..remember I told you,”don’t you ever cheat behind my back or else I’ll leave you!”? did but I didn’t know and yet I still stood by’re really one lucky man having two company at one go..

Whatever it is now..two separate lives we are…and you have responsibilities to answer…somehow, I wonder all this while this was a stage show you’ve planned..and you carried it out well..i’ll just wait for the right time to say what I should say and what I should not..

We started a blog together…but you ended your journey..i’ll still keep walking…and you do whatever ain’t the only thing this world can offer..and supposedly,I wouldn’t be the one you would be with for a ‘forever’…as much as I want things to be back to normal, things would never work that direction tho..

I couldn’t keep things to myself I’m really gonna say it all out here..

This is a story bout a guy name Dudey. He was with this girl, Matie, even before he broke up with his girl,Mollie. Dudey claimed that he still love his girl, Mollie and used Matie as a tool to forget Mollie. So one day, he went MSN-ing his friend telling all the truths and dares.This friend copied the chat history and send it to Matie.Matie was furious (I suppose!) and called Dudey up for a break-up. Voila! Dudey called Mollie to patch things up but an hour or two after that, Dudey called and said Matie called him to go over her place for some dicussions. So,he went and things didn’t went well. Matie cut her wrist, a suicide attempt, for whatsoever reason. Dudey had to stay with her for the night and settle things through. Dudey didn’t called Mollie until 2 days after, he ring her up. (No one could expect good news from this right?!) He blurted out all the horrified news to her. Matie was all tears and he couldn’t help but to listen to her. He went to meet Matie’s parent at her hometown and got some shelling from her parents. He has got no other options but to stay and keep Matie as his girl as of now and would be forever. This was taken well by Mollie as there were no choices at all. That ends the all heart-tearing relationship between them, now and forever.

Based on true life story..

And hence, that’s the ending of this _____story.
What would your suggestion be for ____?

This would be as for today..

Know what..check this out check this out...heard flyfm's giving out party on down at Euphoria by MOS this 27th?!

YES!!!I have 2 invites!!!woohooooo~!

alrite..all this happens as of...thursday..evening time...i was waiting for the cue to sms...and...tadah!!!!i was the 1st sender thru weh...haha!!and hence the 2 invites to party on down at sunway lagoon resort by DJ Hed Kandi...

can't wait can't wait...would be going with Krishna,long time friend from MGS...= )
ah!!!!party party party...yay!!!!

toodles..can't wait!!!later!!!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

20th Spetember 2008


never mention this b4 tho..last trip to Singapore..was walking with Ben, my bro, in Bugis Street when we pass by this hair shop..i saw this.."50 cent per strand" i was looking at those long dangling hairs and thought.."urm,hair extension eh..can try can try.."...LOLx!!

But mine is coloured and it's $1 per strand..SWT~!but,still i went for it..3 strands..2 on the right..1 on the left..and the results:-

Nice nice?!OF CUZ IT IS!!!haha...


Hmph,today is one trully msierable day..

Took the 7am bus down to KL to register..reached Kajang KTM at 10.20am!!!5 mins late for the UniM bus..n i was stranded for another hour..hmph!!waited the 11.15am and boarded it..reached Uni bout 11.45am..went to register n pay the bills right away and FINISH!!!

Took the 12.30pm bus from UniM to Kajang KTM..then met my bro at Times at 2pm..the lateness is purely due to lack of efficiency of the M'sia transport system!!!the earlier mention lateness for 5 mins also bcuz of this donkey slow system!!!
aihz..In Singapore,between 2 stations the duration is only 1-3 mins..from one end to another end of 14 stations takes only about 30 mins..

Here?!one station away only takes bout 20mins eh!!!!kik sei reli...

after meeting up with bro..went to pudu to take bus back to ipoh..reached there like 3.50pm..bought 5pm one from Konsortium..ohmigosh!!!the bus fare now so expensive wei!!!17.40 liao...last time 13.10 only

then too bored ntg to do in bus..snap some pics..haha!!wu liao~!

tat's all so far ler..= )
wasn't at all a productive day indeed...=.='

Thursday, 18 September 2008

18th September 2008

I forgot did i mention i got a new HP from Singapore..from my previous 1 month trip over there..lols!!,my uncle knew i wanted a new HP..cuz i've been using my 8310 for 7 long loyal years..and the phone's still good!!!VERY good!!!

Haha!!kay,one morning..i skipped work..wanted to go out with Qian Hwei to Vivo when my aunt's sms read,"Jo,call Uncle Leslie in office now.He wants to get you a new phone.."..i sprung up like a table's height..

(thinking in heart.."wat the hell..")

I pick up the hse phone, dialled the office number.."hello,uncle Leslie ah.."

Yeah..that's i went to office to meet up with my uncle and he drove us to Parkway Mall..

I've got 2 options..Sony Ericsson W910i..or Nokia 6500s...

I actually chose Sony..n I don't know y..haha!!!BUT stock liao...=.=' comes my new 6500s..hehe!!woohoo~!
The whole process took like 3 hrs..from my aunt's sms till i get the HP..

I wouldn't let my uncle take it back to office for me..i rather hold it Vivo with Qian Hwei..then to Jerry's karaoke competition..= )

Finish story..LOLS...


Today ntg much happen generally..ugh,tml gotto go down KL JUST to register..doinkz betul la..can't they make it on the coming monday?!!? fan ma fan...

anyways,ntg much to talk about today..= )


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

17th September 2008


Had hands on my first new's called..lemme think..*think*thinks*thinking*still thinking*thinking still*thinkssss*think-think*...

OK's Melt..hehe!Melt's the baby Melt..

I'm so so so loving it..

Oh,n i went down Singapore for a few days again,replacing my dad's friend who can't make it for the Globatronic exhibition..went there and..yea,walk around Singapore again..lols!!

That's my mummy and daddy..can't stop myself from snapping pics after pics of them like this..n they din even notice...LOLS!!!my mum was like..'wha,take so many pictures ah...'..haha!!sweet hor~!


Tag Rules:
1. The rules of the games get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them to know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time
11.03 pm


yeah..1 cute n pretty one..

yeah..1 handsome and hunk one..

Shoe size

Where do you live
my microhabitat..Menglembu,Ipoh,Perak..

Favorite drink
Ice cream soda

Favorite breakfast
i skip breakfast usually~!no fret...

Have you been on a plane
once...twice...thrice..few times la...

Swam in the ocean

Fallen asleep in school
of CUZ!!muz b kidding those who don't..

Broken someone’s heart
*shamelessly*...yeah...sorry ya..

Fell of your chair
once or twice i suppose..accidentally..i dun hav eyes at my back!!!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call
yeah..stupid of me..cis cis..

Saved e-mails a collection..hahah!!!

What is your room like

What is the last thing you ate

Ever had

Chicken pox

Stitches scar..

Broken nose

Do you believe in love at first sight
i..don't know..50-50...

Like picnics
OK lah..~

Who was the last person you danced with
Hui..= )

Last person who made you smile

Today did you

Talked to someone you like mum n sis..

Kissed anyone

Get sick

Talked to an ex

Missing someone

Best feeling in the world
Not yet tho..another 40 mins to the next day..

Do you sleep with stuffed animals dear pillow n mollie doggie..

What’s under your bed
another tilam..

What time is it now


Q: is there a person on your mind right now

Q: do you have any siblings
a bro and a sis

Q: do you want children
yes..totally yes..i luv lil babies...

Q: do you smile often

Q: do you like your hand-writing

Q: are your toes painted
yes it to white soon...

Q: whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in

Q: what colour shirt are you wearing =

Q: what were you doing at 7.00 yesterday
watching rolling love..

Q: I can’t wait till
i graduate!!!!

Q: when did you cry last
urm..forgot la..who keep tracks anyway?!

Q: are you a friendly person
yea..consider so...i suppose...

Q: do you have any pets

Q: where is the person you have feelings for right now
i don't know..cuz i have none..lols!!

Q: did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now dear sis...

Q: do you sleep with the TV on
never..well..sometimes..not on purpose!!!

Q: what are you doing
answering random Qs...

Q: have you ever crawled to your mother or father

Q: can you handle the truth

Q: are you closer to your mother or father
Both am..

Q: who was the last person you cried in front of
forgot..Dex i think..lols..

Q: how many people can you say you’ve really loved
One..and a true far..= )

Q: do you eat healthy
i don't think when i eat..i juz eat what i want..= )

Q: do you still have pictures with you and your ex
Yea..What, am i suppose to throw it?!

Q: have you ever cried because of something someone said to you
Nope..y?!for wat..ntg to be inferior of..

Q: how often do you go to church
lols..once..or twice...a month..

Q: if you’re having a bad day, where are you mostly likely to go to
To my bed..

Q: are you loud or quiet most of the times

Q: are you confident

Q: 5 things I was doing ten years ago . . .
-start learning science
-switched best friends
-sitting in school
-bathing in the bathroom
-celebrating my birthday

Q: 5 snacks I enjoy
-ALL Desserts
-Soya drink

Q: 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
-get out of malaysia
-buy myself a house
-buy myself an SLR Mclaren
-save some in the bank
-do some good deeds

Q: 5 of my bad habit
-brings my pillow wherever i go

Q: 5 places I’ve lived in
-Nottingham Hostel

I tag this five people:
-Mun Yee
-Shiun Lei


tat's a real long entry..whew~!

Monday, 15 September 2008

15th September 2008


Just came back from Singapore Sunday morn..kinda tired n stuff plus i fell sick over there..terrible~!

Vomited for 4 times in 15 mins interval..n fever...ohmigosh..and and..severe headache..ouch!!

But now..feeling much better..only some energy dissipated to elsewhere..ermh..

And this asshole eventually deleted me from his msn list hmph..ok ok..i know ady..i get it..fine..

Ah,yest went to Pikom Fair in Stadium Indera Mulia..checking out for some laptops since i need one...and tadah!!

My Model:-
HP Pavilion tx2520au Entertainment Notebook PC

Promotion Price: RM 2809.00
• AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core Processor QL-60 (1.9 Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache)
• 2GB 667 MHz / max to 4GB DDR2 Memory (1024 X 2pcs)
• 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
• 12.1 " TFF WXGA High Defination HP BrightView Wide Touchscreen Display (1280 x 800)
• DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive with LightScribe
• Bluetooth, Wireless 802.11 a/g/n
• ATI RS780M and SB700
• ATI Readeon HD 3200 Graphic with 64MB DDR2 Dispaly Cache
• 2 Altec lansing branded Stereo Speakers
• Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
• ExpressCard/34 Slot
• Hight speed 56K Modem
• 5-in-1 integrated digital media reader slot
• VGA, USB 2.0 (3), RJ-11, RJ-45, TV-Out (S-video), Stereo headphone with SPDIF,
Additional headphone jack, Expansion Port for xb3000, Microphone in, Consumer IR
(2), Kensington lock port
• Next Generation 12-inch compact Keyboard with 3 Quick Launch Buttons, Touch Pad
with On/Off button and 2-way scroll
• Comes with integrated Pavilion Webcam , Microphone, Remote Control, FingerPrint
• Weight : 1.96kg with 6-cell battery
• Genuine Mircosoft ® Windows ® Vista ™ Home Premium
• 1-year International Limited Warranty
• Free Nylon Carrying Case

In addition to that..i get free upgrade to 3GB..some freebies like headgear,thermos,RM20 petrol voucher,laser mouse,laptop vacuum cleaner..

Sounds Nice?!?!hehe..will take a snapshot of it once i get hold of my laptop..

Am loving it so so so much...

Can't wait can't wait..


Thursday, 11 September 2008

11th September 2008


Am in Singapore now..Globaltronic exhibition...ZZzzZZzz...lols..yea,trully ZZzZZzz..

Would be here till..tml or Sat..haha..reli miss the life here..more than M'sia..ugh..
bo pian bo pian..

Younger sister having her trial exams back in Ipoh..hopefully she did well and all..God Bless~!hugs..

Dunno would be doing what after this but..since there's internet provided here..haha!!so i tot,y not stop by n utilise it!?!hm hm hm...
= )

Yea,nearly finish utilising..after finish blogging would be home, mummy n nie~!

P/S: Hoho,guess what?!i opened a POSB account!!yay!!my first $500 inside..wooHoo!!


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

9th September 2008


Woke up early today to fetch sis to school..then me and bro and mummy went for dim sum..haha!!!BUT...returning to the car after the hearty meal..tadah!!a piece of SAMAN shit..isk..can't blame..i din put the coupon..haha!!oh well oh well...&^*@($^&#^?!

After fetching mummy to work, went to Ipoh Swimming Club for squash..haha!!such a long time i've sweated that much..nice feeling tho!!

Anyways,after that made a few trips here and there before finally go home..watched show on the TV..had TV...and now online-ing...ZZzZZzz~!

yea yea...tat's all..viewing some real lame vids now..


Monday, 8 September 2008

8th September 2008

At last, i've got some serious thangs to splurt..

He just called..

Well,he called a few times la..but i din pick..bad karma i felt..but at last..i to face it wat no matter what..

So, conclusion..
He's back with her..well,she threaten and things and such la..He went to her hometown to meet her parents some scoldings..oh well..

-Can you live with a person whom you know does not love you?-

Well,i don't think so in my case..

Luckily they did not even 'DO'..if got ah..wha..really no chance to turn head at all..tsk tsk..poor boy..She's holding so tightly till such extent..

Just let things develop as it is..Wishing them all the best tho..

Say fate brings it back..I would be all against more 2nd time..never ever..= )

Yea,sometimes things don't go the way as we see it to might as well we accept the truth and move on with life..hey could be a blessing in disguise~!!


A ZA~!



Love is not to forget but to forgive, not to see but to understand, not to hear but to listen, not to let go but to hold on!

Don't ever leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love.

Find one, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.

Who calls you back when you hang up on him.

Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.

Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, '...that's her.'

Sunday, 7 September 2008

7th September 2008

Best friend Hui wasn't that happy yesterday while we msn-ed..seems that her Boy isn't caring for her that much..she rant it out to Him but he got they kinda argue like tat and she was sad and crying still while msn-ing gave her some thoughts and..well,way to go girl!!!= )

I learned quite some lessons from previous, previous previous and 3x previous relationships..

First - was still immature..but i like that kinda feeling..not worrying bout anything..btw,my parents din know bout us till like we parted and a yr later..haha!!

--> Things are better in a way that we don't really put much effort into it and just let it be the way it worrying bout how things would turn out is just so sweet and simple and free..

Second - he was good further comments..haha!!

--> People make wrong decisions sometimes..whether if it's should be done or,just appreciate the people around ya like you never go thru the next day..

Third - i thought he was the one..but he proved me wrong..

--> Things sometimes just go wrong and sometimes people change..for whatsoever reason there can be..adultery?new love?stressed up?bored? get me started, thinking sometimes, things can't go back to the way it is before..should it be let go off better or hold on to it?

Yea,those things are to be pondered..but never let it burden you..ain't that sure how things would go on now..turning over a leaf would be ideal..

Haha!!as things are the way it is now..couldn't expect more..


Ah ya, He sms-ed me this early morning bout 3 smtg..

The contents:-

She just slept..she committed suicide by cutting herself..I felt guilty..gonna help her get over..sorry for making me worry..will explain to you when there's chance..don't wanna irritate her..This is bad for you but no choice..She saw the chat log..etc etc..need to persuade and console her so patch back with her first..don't want hurt her..don't want hurt you..


Things won't get any better this way..

Thinking back..wouldn't he thought i would do the same damn thing when he initiate the break up!?

She just called up and said would report to police that he raped her?!
Or did it really happen?!
Why else the worrying if it did not?!

I'm not trusting any of this anymore..unless a miracle bestowed..yeah,that's it..

HOLY SHIT once again..HMPH~...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

7th September 2008

I don't know why i woke up extremely late today tho i slept not tat late yesterday..hmz..anyway..

Jerry was back in Ipoh for 5 days and went out with him for some lunch-es and movies..

Seems that he's addicted to watching movies now too!!


He(not Jerry..) called me this morning announcing a good news to me..i was wondering what good news could he bring..n he spurt it was..shocking..but was good news..

But She called up and threaten him with is all these stuff happening..what will happen?what will happen?..

Ever heard 'Once bitten twice shy'?

Hm..what a dilemma..can't take it for another more failures pls..that was already the greatest..hmz..


Some pics of me with my fav top which i bought from Hatyai..= )


And me,myself and I..too syiok using my new 6500s camera..haha!!!


Uhm,so far that's the update ler..

And oh yea,He's staying at She's place to settle her..and i wonder..

Monday, 1 September 2008

2nd September 2008

Wha, such a long time since i last touch this blogging stuff..

Well,many has happen throughout..these past few months..

I've found out many things..things should not be found out and things should be found out..

uhm..well..better left unsaid then..too much complication involved with too much conspiracy and..haiz..

But all in all..the holidays have been nice..a month in Singapore which is a working cum holiday experience where all things so nice..

Met up with Qian Hwei, a friend who left high school then in Singapore and went out for some shopping outings with her..misses her much~!
Many thanks and gratefulness to my uncle and aunt too for accommodating me throughout the 1 month...reli enjoyed the whole stay there..

Then went down to KL for Hui's birthday and hang out with Dex for a week or so..celebrated Shen Yee's farewell since he's going over to China to further his studies..all the best ya..Gambateh!!!

Also went down to Malacca for the Summer Love Concert which was..nice but not too very nice with the crowd..hehe!!

Just came back from Hatyai with my mum for a 1 night tour over there..such a long time since i've last went there..things have changed and the weather is extremely hot!!!beh tahan..

hmz,tat's all in all a brief conclusion..ntg much ntg less..