Saturday, 6 September 2008

7th September 2008

I don't know why i woke up extremely late today tho i slept not tat late yesterday..hmz..anyway..

Jerry was back in Ipoh for 5 days and went out with him for some lunch-es and movies..

Seems that he's addicted to watching movies now too!!


He(not Jerry..) called me this morning announcing a good news to me..i was wondering what good news could he bring..n he spurt it was..shocking..but was good news..

But She called up and threaten him with is all these stuff happening..what will happen?what will happen?..

Ever heard 'Once bitten twice shy'?

Hm..what a dilemma..can't take it for another more failures pls..that was already the greatest..hmz..


Some pics of me with my fav top which i bought from Hatyai..= )


And me,myself and I..too syiok using my new 6500s camera..haha!!!


Uhm,so far that's the update ler..

And oh yea,He's staying at She's place to settle her..and i wonder..

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