Thursday, 18 September 2008

18th September 2008

I forgot did i mention i got a new HP from Singapore..from my previous 1 month trip over there..lols!!,my uncle knew i wanted a new HP..cuz i've been using my 8310 for 7 long loyal years..and the phone's still good!!!VERY good!!!

Haha!!kay,one morning..i skipped work..wanted to go out with Qian Hwei to Vivo when my aunt's sms read,"Jo,call Uncle Leslie in office now.He wants to get you a new phone.."..i sprung up like a table's height..

(thinking in heart.."wat the hell..")

I pick up the hse phone, dialled the office number.."hello,uncle Leslie ah.."

Yeah..that's i went to office to meet up with my uncle and he drove us to Parkway Mall..

I've got 2 options..Sony Ericsson W910i..or Nokia 6500s...

I actually chose Sony..n I don't know y..haha!!!BUT stock liao...=.=' comes my new 6500s..hehe!!woohoo~!
The whole process took like 3 hrs..from my aunt's sms till i get the HP..

I wouldn't let my uncle take it back to office for me..i rather hold it Vivo with Qian Hwei..then to Jerry's karaoke competition..= )

Finish story..LOLS...


Today ntg much happen generally..ugh,tml gotto go down KL JUST to register..doinkz betul la..can't they make it on the coming monday?!!? fan ma fan...

anyways,ntg much to talk about today..= )


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