Thursday, 11 September 2008

11th September 2008


Am in Singapore now..Globaltronic exhibition...ZZzzZZzz...lols..yea,trully ZZzZZzz..

Would be here till..tml or Sat..haha..reli miss the life here..more than M'sia..ugh..
bo pian bo pian..

Younger sister having her trial exams back in Ipoh..hopefully she did well and all..God Bless~!hugs..

Dunno would be doing what after this but..since there's internet provided here..haha!!so i tot,y not stop by n utilise it!?!hm hm hm...
= )

Yea,nearly finish utilising..after finish blogging would be home, mummy n nie~!

P/S: Hoho,guess what?!i opened a POSB account!!yay!!my first $500 inside..wooHoo!!


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