Friday, 19 September 2008

20th Spetember 2008


never mention this b4 tho..last trip to Singapore..was walking with Ben, my bro, in Bugis Street when we pass by this hair shop..i saw this.."50 cent per strand" i was looking at those long dangling hairs and thought.."urm,hair extension eh..can try can try.."...LOLx!!

But mine is coloured and it's $1 per strand..SWT~!but,still i went for it..3 strands..2 on the right..1 on the left..and the results:-

Nice nice?!OF CUZ IT IS!!!haha...


Hmph,today is one trully msierable day..

Took the 7am bus down to KL to register..reached Kajang KTM at 10.20am!!!5 mins late for the UniM bus..n i was stranded for another hour..hmph!!waited the 11.15am and boarded it..reached Uni bout 11.45am..went to register n pay the bills right away and FINISH!!!

Took the 12.30pm bus from UniM to Kajang KTM..then met my bro at Times at 2pm..the lateness is purely due to lack of efficiency of the M'sia transport system!!!the earlier mention lateness for 5 mins also bcuz of this donkey slow system!!!
aihz..In Singapore,between 2 stations the duration is only 1-3 mins..from one end to another end of 14 stations takes only about 30 mins..

Here?!one station away only takes bout 20mins eh!!!!kik sei reli...

after meeting up with bro..went to pudu to take bus back to ipoh..reached there like 3.50pm..bought 5pm one from Konsortium..ohmigosh!!!the bus fare now so expensive wei!!!17.40 liao...last time 13.10 only

then too bored ntg to do in bus..snap some pics..haha!!wu liao~!

tat's all so far ler..= )
wasn't at all a productive day indeed...=.='

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