Monday, 1 September 2008

2nd September 2008

Wha, such a long time since i last touch this blogging stuff..

Well,many has happen throughout..these past few months..

I've found out many things..things should not be found out and things should be found out..

uhm..well..better left unsaid then..too much complication involved with too much conspiracy and..haiz..

But all in all..the holidays have been nice..a month in Singapore which is a working cum holiday experience where all things so nice..

Met up with Qian Hwei, a friend who left high school then in Singapore and went out for some shopping outings with her..misses her much~!
Many thanks and gratefulness to my uncle and aunt too for accommodating me throughout the 1 month...reli enjoyed the whole stay there..

Then went down to KL for Hui's birthday and hang out with Dex for a week or so..celebrated Shen Yee's farewell since he's going over to China to further his studies..all the best ya..Gambateh!!!

Also went down to Malacca for the Summer Love Concert which was..nice but not too very nice with the crowd..hehe!!

Just came back from Hatyai with my mum for a 1 night tour over there..such a long time since i've last went there..things have changed and the weather is extremely hot!!!beh tahan..

hmz,tat's all in all a brief conclusion..ntg much ntg less..


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