Monday, 31 May 2010

Like or dislike

Went to London for a day fun :D

My before & after

Lols, look like I'm attending someone's wedding. But well, it was something new, and I like it.

Changed into my flowery dress (flower girl kononnya..)

Back into a simple spaghetti top and jeans, with Love.

Isn't my hair awesome? I love the braids!!

Just had to capture another one for remembrance.

And my Zara heels. And Topshop heart necklace.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Who are Accenture?

Accenture offer business consultancy services. They could be advising clients on how they can improve their processess or enabling them to put massive strategic change programmes in place. The end product might be anything from an e-commerce website or improving an organisation's operational efficiency to an entire new IT infrastructure for a major enterprise or even a government. The variety is as great as the responsibility.

It was a great experience giving out free drinks, and people who receives them are nonetheless happy too.

I've got myself a few for a try and boy, do I feel good after drinking the Feel Good Drinks :D
 They've a variety of flavours for you to choose so pick your choice!

Orange and passion fruit on the left, orange and mango on the right

Cloudy lemon on the left, apple and blueberry on the right

They are few other more flavours like cranberry and lime, etc. etc.

Look at the table! Colourful as colourful could be.

Everything about 700-800 bottles went out in about 2hours. Pretty fast huh? 

So, get a feel good drink anytime of the day. 
Some facts about why you should feel good about these drinks:

- it constitutes 1 of your 5 a day
(well, that gives you 4 more to go)

- it's fruit! NOT sugar
(seriously, check it out!)

- drink within 3 days
(see, even more sterile than an eye drop could be)


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Undergoing one cycle of four seasons

I've de-climatised.

From a very hot state, Peslis up north in Malaysia which have scorching sun and heat almost everyday

Back to KL which is more or less the same. Maybe more of stuffiness, you know, population overbased.

Then sometimes back home to Ipoh, which is the best place ever. I've got Kledang Hill giving me fresh air.

Adjourned to Semenyih, rural town with, pretty nothing much to do and obviously heat becomes the issue although not that much except for the time when my room fan stopped working. 

Fly all the way to UK, during late autumn, with weather which I practically love, not too sunny, a little breezy and 1 or 2 dry leaves sticking out on the tree.

Winter came and gosh, were I freezing for the first time. But after some time, it was bearable. It become fun even more when fleet and snow came pouring.

Spring blooms it's way out around end of February, beginning of March. It was really pretty with pink petals all around and little dandelions and daisies sprouting.

Now summer is coming. The temperature was above 20 Celcius for the whole week and I can't stand it. It's really really hot. Plus, there's not a cloud in the sky that would cover up the sun for a tiny moment. 

Oh gosh, help me. I think I'm in Malaysia now. 

Next week weather forecast is better. Much better. Cloudy. That's good. 
Unpredictable weather huh? One moment high, one moment low.

I've become a little fairer and I don't want to be a bit darker now. I miss autumn. And winter probably.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Banana reminds me of Bonamana

My first bundle of 6 yellow bananas in the UK for 87 pence

Absolutely awesome lah. Long time no banana already. :D

Here's a Bonamana by Super Junior <3

Since I just finish Disease Goals & Treatment exam and I'm quite fond of counselling now, banana is potassium rich! Very very rich. Hence, those with hypertension or heart failure, banana would disrupt your electrolyte concentration when taken concomitantly with your medication (ACE inhibitor and diuretics)!

So, avoid. Ask the doctor. Or Wiki.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

F@r k!n9 bu5T 3rd

I'm just gonna be vulgar for this once and once only.

This freaking fella downstairs blast his speaker I don't know how loud that me staying 2 floors above can hear it loud and clear, even with my window closed. 

Yesterday play on so loud, today no play on so loud. 

Oii, I hope your ears are doing good.

Ma de. MCB. TLM. F U!

You wait la later I on those Chinese olden days song and opera songs let you listen. 


Mermaid? Witch?

Just for laughs.

Sometimes, people are just as ignorant and dumb as it seems.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Egg capsule

Ja-jang! QiHua first time bought something online and we're all terrified when we saw these egg capsules!

It might look like (or maybe it is) those capsules where you put like 20cents coin in the machine and turn turn turn and 'bloop', drops out your egg capsule with your anticipated toy. 

But it's not OK. It's yours truly, Hello Kitty.

I choose *after few minutes*......THIS!

Dolphin Hello Kitty

Kawaii <3

Hoodie dolphin is take-off-able :D

And...*just realized* I can actually take out Hello Kitty from it's dolphin suit

But still, suppose I still look cuter like this. 

My name is GiGi

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Ain't lucky

I'm sorry should I traumatised you all but this just isn't my month. My body's wrecking. Total ache.

First, hit my elbow against some wooden thing in Mooch and I got this blue-black.

Second, fell from the bicycle and got this scratches on my chin.

Second too, falling from the bicycle got me bruises on my knee.

Second three, my hands are pretty safe for the coming exam except for some teeny weeny scratches.

Gonna live with this scar for the next few coming weeks then : (


Friday, 14 May 2010


First exam in approximately 168hours time. Ugh, I don't feel like like staying back to do work during summer. 

Anyway, wish me the best of everything. 

And, the best wishes goes out to all my friends out there too sitting for the exam in approximately 10 080 minutes. 

So let's just pray and study hard for the remaining approximately 604 800 seconds.



On another note, Happy 23rd Birthday dear Shanice aka Sailormoon :)

Will post up soon after 36 288 000 miliseconds time... <3

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sinners of all time

Chocolates are sinners really. Even the packaging it beautiful.

But still, thanks SL for it. All the way from..from..from..

Was it Zurich?

Anyway, THANKS!

Just to tempt you off every single bite *noms noms noms*


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spring short story

Follow the story

End of story

(Nah..just kidding..)
Just trying the jump break features..
Click HERE to read further

"Charlie's Angels"

Yesterday was practically the last day of the term I'll be volunteering at Save The Children Shop.

I'ld just summarize things up here.
1) All workers in the shop are volunteers (How noble..)
2) Despite doing the same old thing for at least half a year, I've really learned a lot
3) It isn't very much about the money whatsoever, it's the spirit to get worked up early Saturday morning
4) We get to see what's nice first and grab them before putting it up for sale : )
5) We get reimbursed for our bus fares!

We had to stay on a while longer while waiting for another volunteer to be there and Tom (the man who's been kind and nice) said, "I'll leave Charlie's Angels with you then..."

Aww, I'll surely miss you and your 'talkings'..

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Tall vs The Short

First day of class after a long Easter break..

9am I would say is the worst time ever a class can ever start and 5pm a class would end. Although it ended at 1pm today, it's still bad.

As I walked through the same path to class everyday, I've seen the lovely lowly grown grasses now turned to tall monstrous almost tropical forest alike ferns.

But the flowers...gave me life.

Hadn't been so energetic about flowers since..well, never actually did.
This time was exceptionally. 

And then we played around.

Easter spring and flower sprung,
Petals pink and buds pompon,
Earthly ground gives moist along,
Green green grass I trampled on.
-Josephine Wong-

♥ for 28days

Counting up, month #1. 

There were definitely some ups and downs which are unavoidable. But you've been at your best each time although I know sometimes I am in the wrong but I still insist to not acknowledge.

Well, despite your hormone imbalances sometimes, and your straight-forward emoness that can drain energy off people..

You're YOU 

Monday, 3 May 2010

$ASH tight

I was supposed to be able to say : I've been to


and Ibiza

..with the above great pictures with me in it. But, Mr/Madam Eyjafjallajokull erupted coincidently 2 days before my flight. And how cool is that.

According to plan, the wind would blow over the 

Dark nasty dangerous ashes

to UK and it's dangerous for Mr Pilot to navigate as such

Problem #1 - Flights cancelled
Problem #2 - Refund processes
Problem #3 - If they don't quickly process my refund, my bank account is gonna be dry and empty soon!

So RyanAir, please be more efficient. How hard is it to process a refund.

Ibiza hotel cancelled and within next 2 days, I've got my refund.
Barcelona hotel one has been refunded but with the increased currency exchange rate, a little loss and the other one had to fill in a form on IBAN and don't know what stuff.

I just need the $$$. Please credit it back ASAP.


On the other hand, I'm curious about a large item which was not delivered to me but to my letter box. I didn't even hear the door bell so Mr Postman, you did not do your job well.


And it's 


Whoa, I can't wait to wear and flowery flowery dresses :)

But FYI, the weather nowadays a bit koo-koo.