Wednesday, 31 December 2008

31st December 2008

It's the last day of the a blink of eye (so fast hor!!!)

Well, many would reminisce what good or bad or sweet or sour or salty,etc etc memories they had..This year had been a kind soul to me i would many many ways..

And now i'm blank...erms,well..there are...

Good friends
People you interact with always, are there to lend a ear to your problems, night sessions randomly in mamak stall cuz insufficient dinner proportion, gossiping, lunching and dinnering...etc etc...

Shopping together are the best!!!and sleepovers are really..indescribeable..they give you advices and a piece of their thought for your bout our personal u guys..

Uh-ha..that ought not to be a good one for sure..and it's around the corner..5 torturing days to end my 1st semester of my 2nd year..holy smoke..can't wait..

Yeah, you can't deny they're the best and bestest!!your daddy and mummy and matter what happen, they're there for you..Loving you always..

AH!!!There's so much in this year which i heart...supposedly the new year would be a better one?!?!

Oh gracious heaven I do hope so..

And to lastly update my previous doings..

Here's firstly to the Mamma Mia stage show in Istana Budaya

This one curi2 take inside one!!!Can see they dancing a lil..

And my grandpa bday celebration

And thanks dear for CC..

My dear Coco..

Omg,she's sucha cutesy..

With Elly jehjeh..

And makan with mummy at food&tea and sushi king on christmas day with dad n siblings

And my darling princess baby lil sis..

serving her National Service now in Gunung Semanggol..muaksz!!take care kays..

And I love this picture effect..heheh!!

Yeaps,that's all for the time being..going back to my books now..Love ya 2008!!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

25th December 2008

Kinda sober to put this up at such a jolly day..but well..i couldn't resist the feeling..

Don't let the incurable sadness keep hurting yourself;

Keep living,don't give up

Will you loose everything,the fading smile

Echo of sadness and disappointment,

Losing the voice ;

Time passes by , with the wind

Everything happens for a reason,

Will I see the ending by just keeping the faith ?

I will see.


Yeah..I clearly see it..
The faith you hold is not proportional to the ending you expect it to be..

Would you trust someone who cheated on you before?
If no, okays..(that would be fine..appropriately...)
If yes, why?!how to?!what means?!

It isn't the relationship that was build up together that means everything, but the trust and hope you've given each other..

Without the essence of trust and believe, nothing would move further..

The stand of trust and believe is build on blocks of baby steps before you could see the final architecture building..

Hence, it's hard to let everything go with nature..You wouldn't get assurance of any sort or kind..(sounds like an insurance policy...0.o) point crying over split milk, broken eggs, brittle glass, shattered dreams..


p/s: oh gosh, sorry for the so-lame-a-lil-sober-kind-of-rubbish-I'm-typing..

sleeping now..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL..

Sunday, 21 December 2008

22nd December 2008

Ehem..first thing first..
I hereby proudly FIRST (yes,you read it right...FIRST!!!!) ever night pyjies!!!
Don't reli look like that means i can even wear it out!!The top only i mean..and it's only for RM10..which is eventually from pasar malam of cuz!!!

i like it i like it i like it i like it i like it!!!!!!

Bought this Mini Marshies some time ago with KarLai in Balakong JJ..we shared cuz a bit pricey..That time PK dy..but still wanna eat...

First time i saw marshies that comes in such small size and..what can i say..they're adorable!!!not like those big chunky ones where you have to open your mouth big big and put it inside and etc can just pop one small one in and munch away...
Well, as the saying goes...not all NICE things comes in bulk right?!?!Small ones have their own unique-ci ci ty...(crap well..i don't know how to spell it..not even sure if there is such a word...= p)

OK,change topic...(so random...)

My mum took out her cosmetics and..holy crap..isn't that a lot..and she gave me these:-

Anyhoo, which is!?

I've tried's quite nice..well,cuz it has those shimmering you that bling look!!

I'll put on Bobbi's Brown one tomorrow..haven't try it..but it's purely, we'll see how it goes..= )

And as for today,
Right after dinner at Ipoh Swimming Club, me, dad n mum headed home..

My mum went, "okeh Jo, go wash your face..."
And miraculously, I actually went..(what's wrong..)
"Take the black mask down also kays!!!"
And I did..
And next thing...Tadah!!!

Followed by a therapy session of cucumber scrubbing and salt water face washing!!! skin a bit fairer now dy...hehe!!!

(Actually I know why i did what i did la..i know mummy's gonna do facial for, listening is good!!!!!)

And last 2 weeks when i was back home, our family expanded with 2 other doggies..

Snowy darling ...

which was later given back to the owner..she's a bit too fierce..won't even let us go near her..hmph..

This is OUR dear COCO..awww,she IS reli MIANG..100% confirm!!!

But she's still ours..hehe!!Loving her..

Ait, got to go back to my books now..till then..

p/s : 3 more days to Christmas!!!Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell ROCKS!!!Rudolf the red nose reindeer..

And you, What's yer favourite Christmas songs?!
I'll list mine...
korean version...

english version

Both totally awesome!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

21st December 2008

It's been 11 Freaking days since I last update my blog.
So the DEAD.
Oh well..

For a good start; or better I start off with a BAD one first..Exams are 19(YES!!sembilan etc...) Days away only!!! I’ve got 5 core subjects to cover..






Each subject the notes would have a minimum height of 3cm and width of an A4 paper la of course!!'tai lou' much how to read finish wor..the brain hard disk also full dy..

And the good thing:-

Christmas Card and pressie from dear Shiun Lei all the way from UK..(ppl say wan card only send..ceh ceh~!)but anyway, the key chain was unexpected..and what can I say...i LOVE <3 it tons!!!So sweet...
BUT the content in the card hor...swts...u tau i tau la..

I hang it on my purse dy...nice right nice right?!cun-nyer...
LOVE it to my heart,inside my heart,into my heart,deep down my heart,very very in the heart!!!!<3
a big THANKS again~!

Oh yea, on the 16th, there was a Christmas Party in Uni..was involved in the CF presentation of Black Art..

some previews here....

Carolers performing their song

The story is based on Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing,yeah..u can see angels here n there..with shepherds and wise men...Mary and Jesus..the ass..etc etc...awesome la the whole thing!!!

The ass and the crown which GLOWSSS...

'The Crew behind the scene'

Us fluorescencing in the UV light vicinity..

Me b4 practise starts...

Kenneth and Me..

Priscilla and Me

Anna and Me

Me and Kenneth again

Wenqi, Grace, Me and Esther

Priscilla, Alvin n Me

The Girls..all in BLACK...


Me and Ade with Christmas tree and dangling bells..

Yin Teng and Me

Upon reaching home...

I was hungry n fatigue-ness overwhelming me...

Yeah...tat's so far so much of stuffs happening lar..
till then...