Saturday, 20 December 2008

21st December 2008

It's been 11 Freaking days since I last update my blog.
So the DEAD.
Oh well..

For a good start; or better I start off with a BAD one first..Exams are 19(YES!!sembilan etc...) Days away only!!! I’ve got 5 core subjects to cover..






Each subject the notes would have a minimum height of 3cm and width of an A4 paper la of course!!'tai lou' much how to read finish wor..the brain hard disk also full dy..

And the good thing:-

Christmas Card and pressie from dear Shiun Lei all the way from UK..(ppl say wan card only send..ceh ceh~!)but anyway, the key chain was unexpected..and what can I say...i LOVE <3 it tons!!!So sweet...
BUT the content in the card hor...swts...u tau i tau la..

I hang it on my purse dy...nice right nice right?!cun-nyer...
LOVE it to my heart,inside my heart,into my heart,deep down my heart,very very in the heart!!!!<3
a big THANKS again~!

Oh yea, on the 16th, there was a Christmas Party in Uni..was involved in the CF presentation of Black Art..

some previews here....

Carolers performing their song

The story is based on Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing,yeah..u can see angels here n there..with shepherds and wise men...Mary and Jesus..the ass..etc etc...awesome la the whole thing!!!

The ass and the crown which GLOWSSS...

'The Crew behind the scene'

Us fluorescencing in the UV light vicinity..

Me b4 practise starts...

Kenneth and Me..

Priscilla and Me

Anna and Me

Me and Kenneth again

Wenqi, Grace, Me and Esther

Priscilla, Alvin n Me

The Girls..all in BLACK...


Me and Ade with Christmas tree and dangling bells..

Yin Teng and Me

Upon reaching home...

I was hungry n fatigue-ness overwhelming me...

Yeah...tat's so far so much of stuffs happening lar..
till then...

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