Wednesday, 31 December 2008

31st December 2008

It's the last day of the a blink of eye (so fast hor!!!)

Well, many would reminisce what good or bad or sweet or sour or salty,etc etc memories they had..This year had been a kind soul to me i would many many ways..

And now i'm blank...erms,well..there are...

Good friends
People you interact with always, are there to lend a ear to your problems, night sessions randomly in mamak stall cuz insufficient dinner proportion, gossiping, lunching and dinnering...etc etc...

Shopping together are the best!!!and sleepovers are really..indescribeable..they give you advices and a piece of their thought for your bout our personal u guys..

Uh-ha..that ought not to be a good one for sure..and it's around the corner..5 torturing days to end my 1st semester of my 2nd year..holy smoke..can't wait..

Yeah, you can't deny they're the best and bestest!!your daddy and mummy and matter what happen, they're there for you..Loving you always..

AH!!!There's so much in this year which i heart...supposedly the new year would be a better one?!?!

Oh gracious heaven I do hope so..

And to lastly update my previous doings..

Here's firstly to the Mamma Mia stage show in Istana Budaya

This one curi2 take inside one!!!Can see they dancing a lil..

And my grandpa bday celebration

And thanks dear for CC..

My dear Coco..

Omg,she's sucha cutesy..

With Elly jehjeh..

And makan with mummy at food&tea and sushi king on christmas day with dad n siblings

And my darling princess baby lil sis..

serving her National Service now in Gunung Semanggol..muaksz!!take care kays..

And I love this picture effect..heheh!!

Yeaps,that's all for the time being..going back to my books now..Love ya 2008!!!

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