Thursday, 1 January 2009

2nd January 2009

The 2nd day of 2009!!!!

I'm happy, I'm dilated, I'm overjoyed, I'm filled with new spirits!!!!
Well, mostly that's because it's ...

to my dear sister..muaksz!!Tho she's NS, but she'll sure know that we're wishing her..
So, here's a temporary birthday cake for you..a real one will be coming sooner or later k..

And as for today..I'm pretty much bored..imaging you have ntg else to do except looking at your lectures notes plus memorizing plus remembering plus chewing plus masticating plus kunyah-ing plus mixing it with the saliva plus making it into a bolus plus forcing it down through your alimentary pathway plus the forgot-what-wave (oh ya!!peristalsis..) plus yeah, the digestion and most important the storage..not to be excreted till the paper is sat for!!!!!!

I have a feeling smtg is not done yet...but i don't know what it is...!!!!figuring figuring figuring...

figuring still...

And..I don't know what it is..

Have to finish my NMR notes till then..



SL said...

hey.. dun study until get crazy la.. relax a bit..

Jojo said...

lols..sounds crazy hm..oh well..