Wednesday, 21 January 2009

22nd January 2009

Oh gawd, you know how good it feels right after your exams?!totally..phew..everything off shoulders!!shoo shoo away..nothing to worry about, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing!!!

Right after exam last Friday, 10 of us went MidValley to splurge ourselves!!!Firstly to the long lost touch entertainment scene - the CINEMA...whoa~!feels like heaven when we reach there scrolling and screening through the list of movies we wanted to watch..and we ended up watching 'Bedtime Stories'..i have been anticipating to watch that movie since it was screened and imagining tahan-ing for 2 bloody long weeks after that then only can watch!!sheesh...but anyway, it was worth the wait!!!nice know, imagine you REALLY REALLY can have your bedtime stories come to life?!well, though i don't have but it would be nice..

And we went on to Chillis to chill ourselves a lil..rewarding ourselves for the huge effort during the exam period and was totally suprise that they bought a cakie for me...AWww..thanks ya'all..

And the best thing is I have the cake all to myself!!!!cause everyone was full after eating..lols!!!nyums~!

Went over to Hui's place to hang around and was planning to shop the next day...but well, some complication arises but we ended up shopping together another day..and i went shopping alone till bout 6pm before Carmen came over to walk with me..Aww, how sweet..

Went out with Kael-Li and Adeline on Monday too to the same place i went for the past 2 days...
Times Square and Sg Wang..OMG, for 3 consecutive days..quite the..speechless...
plus plus...i walked from like 3pm till the shops close..for 3 days!!

And i bought 6 garments for less than RM150..good deal i would say..hehes!!!

KaelLi, Me and Adeline...

My goodness..i love this dress a lot!!!but it's too's nice but it's not worth the price...sobs sobs...= (

hahas..had this one while Hui was trying in the fitting room...

And Hui painted my nails for me with the stars~!tinkle tinkle...= )
I coloured my toes myself lar of cuz..not that bad stars only..

BFFs...Hui and Carmen...Thanks it so much...

Can't wait for my bro and sis to come back...hoho..had been a long time since we kick and hit each other!!!!Looking forward for this Friday and Saturday...miss ya both..

Got to go to beds now. Nights.
Moon & Stars. (I like this element..It's just...BeaUtiFul...)


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glad to meet you here in your blog!
happy birthday:D

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