Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stockholm Day 4 (Last day)

I wans't at all reluctant to leave because firstly, there wasn't anything left to do, or see. Secondly, I have only 7 Kronor left to survive. Thirdly, bf is in Nottingham and fourthly, no where is better than home. Home as in Nottingham home.

The white board outside, free for us to draw whatever we want.

In the event you want to get in a fairly strategic and convenient place, this is it. 
Kindstugatan 1, Old Town, StockholmSweden
Old Town Castanea just few meters away from the ever famous street, Vasterlanggatan.  
The interior brings a sense of warmth. the sort of 'dining' place.

The small area where you can relax and read some books, or play some games.

The notice board which is full of informations for tourists, like which street to shop, which museum to visit, etc

And not to miss, some bought the famous Dala Horse back home!

And back home to Nottingham with a total of about 12hours from the time we left the hostel till we reach Nottingham.

Few tips should you be visiting Stockholm
1. Get the Stockholm Card if you're staying more than 3 days or you're planning to visit lots of museum
2. From my experience, what should and what not to visit have been stated from my own personal opinion.
3. The spending on meals is approximately equivalent to meals in UK. Change enough money appropriately.
4. Must try the traditional Swedish meals.
5. If you're visiting during winter, yes, wear warm clothes or thick layers.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

My 23rd Birthday

 As much as in denial I am in, I have generally accepted that I'm already a big 23 years old grown up. 

Clubbed yesterday night and the first ever time I threw up after drinking not much but enough to make me puke. Talk about reduced tolerance.

Woke up this morning, er no..afternoon and tee-hee-hee.. =)

Caterpillar birthday cake!
Although I wanted The Stig but dear say the cake have some cracks on it so dismissed.

FFuuuhhhhhhhh =0

Me at 23 years old

And my caterpillar cake!


Went for movie (The Green Hornet) at 3pm. OK to watch, pretty funny XD
Then went for dinner at TGIF.

My New York Strip well done. Seriously much much much better than Le Bistrot Pierre.

And Strawberry Cheesecake smoothies which is not to my liking because there's that almond taste in it. Yucks!

And this is all under Dear's account =)
Love you! Thank you!

Stockholm Day 3

Valkommen to Globen City

And next you'll see the Globen Shopping.

Our destination - Skyview

Family picture up in Skyview

As well as individual pictures ♥♥

Wanted to have a more relaxing day today so we walk leisurely so as to not tire ourselves at the end of the day.

Took a tram to Slussen to have Herring fish recommended by Kim!

Stad Museum - just opposite the herring fish stall.

Nystekt Stromming
Just walk straight out from Slussen station and right ahead you'll see the stall. 

Stromming-Rulle for 65 Kronor
This is also highly recommended - MUST TRY, MUST EAT

Katarina Lift which is visible when you turn your head to the right upon exiting Slussen station.
Well, not much an attraction I would say. Skyview is far much better.

Below are some captures from up above.... 

Headed back to Gamla Stan and walk about the area. Most of which spend looking at chocolates and souvenir shopping.

Next is The Royal Palace. Uhm, yea, that's pretty much everything of a palace. Not one that I would say you have to go but if you're a fan of palace and what not, then do pop by then.

Iconic buildings which is widely published in tourist guide books and internet captured as The Old Town Gamla Stan. It's most known for it's archaic architecture, medieval alleyways and cobbled streets.
You'll definitely enjoy a walk round this area.

Went for lunch in Sally's restaurant along Vasterlanggatan. The one good thing I like about lunch in Stockholm is that you have free salad or bread (as much as you can fill) as well, I could say appetizer. And by the time the main meal comes, you're already full or probably half full. So it is very affordable and worth the money!

This is fish with some sort of curry with 4 mussels and is very delicious! Er, above average..

Steak style pork which is not bad but not the best. Well, better than the fish in my opinion. 

Nom nom nom nom nom nom...trying to finish off the mountain of bread I took.

And lollipop for 5 Kronor each. Slurrrps..

- Got worn off pretty quickly today plus there's nothing much more to do on out 'to-do-list' so went back to hostel and rest and chit-chat and play around -

Went back to Skyview in hope to see a different view at night but Ms Receptionist says, "You can only take the ride once with the Stockholm Card.".

FML. Went all the way there with hopes crashed to the snowy floor. So we just took pictures around with Skyview as the background.

First time seeing and taking this kinda lift! Excited and amusing.

That was pretty all we've done in Day 3 and we still drop dead to the sight of our beds. Eventually. =)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stockholm Day 2 Part 2

Continue on Day 2 in Stockholm.

Went over to Hard Rock Cafe after late lunch at Bakfickan.

Which to buy....Hmmm...

Choosing the right size

Dear's Hard Rock T-shirt

Since we still have time left before IceBar, we walked into some shopping mall, not sure whether it is called Gallerian or not but well, since it's brightly lit up, My guess that it should be it.

Suddenly bumped into this cute machine which sells GSL medicines (over-the-counter). Amused us for a few minutes.

And walked around while eating Gelato ice-cream.

Next up is IceBar Stockholm in Nordic Sea Hotel.
Book by phone would be 180Kronor at the door while on the spot, you'll be charged 195Kronor and be given a free glass of your choice.
My advice: Unless you're an avid fan of Absolut Vodka and you must not miss anything that's got to do with alcohol, then YES, you may come. If you're just there and wants to have it as an experience, then NO NO NO NO NO because it's not worth your money. Seriously, NO.

Because no one told us how 'HUGE' it was, we were astounded when we enter, thinking "F, this is ICEBAR?This is all?"

It's as big as my accommodation kitchen. 

There, a free glass made of ice to contain your vodka.

Nevertheless, since we already paid an exorbitant amount, we then ordered our drinks and chill around.

All donned the thick coat with gloves since it's -5 degree inside

And our night ends with chit-chatting in the room and 'Chor Di' (Big 2/ Poker).

Monday, 24 January 2011

Stockholm Day 2 Part 1

Set off later than scheduled, plus the cold chilly weather and a frozen river.

Took a bus to SL Centre, and took a tram to Skansen.

Went straight to Open Air Museum, which was..rather interesting but not so if it's during winter.
There's pretty much things to see but because it's winter, pfft...


WaiXin : 我看到有马!
Me : 那里,那里?

THIS 马 (Horse) -.-
The Dala Horse is a symbol of Sweden, painted colorfully and decorated with floral patterns. 

Walked up to the Scandinavian animals, but only got to see the seal, moose, horse and a bear statue buried in ice which frightened me on first sight as it was outside the cage.

Nordiska Musuem
We planned to just TPO (Take Picture Only) as we pass by but because of the weather, we just had to walk in to get some warmth. Didn't really walked around the museum, wiki - dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden.

Still, we did take picture in front of the huge wooden gate.

From a wreck to state of the art. This is a must visit. MUST MUST MUST.
You'll be awed with the sight of the ship.

The receptionist said, "It's not big but there's quite a lot to see".
Well, if you've been to Singapore or Langkawi's Underwater World, this can be exempted. 
It's small, small, and small enough compared to those I've ever been.

Sitting around the Cafe eating ice-cream despite the cold weather. We truly deeply craved for ice-cream seriously.

Gröna lund amusement park view from the cafe. I so wanted to play but the park doesn't seem to be operating.

I highly recommend this place for lunch: 
Operakällaren Bakfickan
Karl XII:s torg 3
Norrmalm, Stockholm County, Sweden
08-676 58 00

Sitting area

Bread - Chocolate, White and Crispy ones

Fried cod with prawns, egg sauce and herb flavoured potato (165 Kronor)

Pickled cucumber to go with the meatballs which tastes a lot like Malaysia's Acah which I dearly miss.

Cherry sauce? to go with meatballs as well but I don't really like cherries so..out.

Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes (149 Kronor)

Raw herring platter

Too many things done on Day 2. To be continued in the next post.