Thursday, 27 January 2011

My 23rd Birthday

 As much as in denial I am in, I have generally accepted that I'm already a big 23 years old grown up. 

Clubbed yesterday night and the first ever time I threw up after drinking not much but enough to make me puke. Talk about reduced tolerance.

Woke up this morning, er no..afternoon and tee-hee-hee.. =)

Caterpillar birthday cake!
Although I wanted The Stig but dear say the cake have some cracks on it so dismissed.

FFuuuhhhhhhhh =0

Me at 23 years old

And my caterpillar cake!


Went for movie (The Green Hornet) at 3pm. OK to watch, pretty funny XD
Then went for dinner at TGIF.

My New York Strip well done. Seriously much much much better than Le Bistrot Pierre.

And Strawberry Cheesecake smoothies which is not to my liking because there's that almond taste in it. Yucks!

And this is all under Dear's account =)
Love you! Thank you!

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