Monday, 24 January 2011

Stockholm Day 2 Part 1

Set off later than scheduled, plus the cold chilly weather and a frozen river.

Took a bus to SL Centre, and took a tram to Skansen.

Went straight to Open Air Museum, which was..rather interesting but not so if it's during winter.
There's pretty much things to see but because it's winter, pfft...


WaiXin : 我看到有马!
Me : 那里,那里?

THIS 马 (Horse) -.-
The Dala Horse is a symbol of Sweden, painted colorfully and decorated with floral patterns. 

Walked up to the Scandinavian animals, but only got to see the seal, moose, horse and a bear statue buried in ice which frightened me on first sight as it was outside the cage.

Nordiska Musuem
We planned to just TPO (Take Picture Only) as we pass by but because of the weather, we just had to walk in to get some warmth. Didn't really walked around the museum, wiki - dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden.

Still, we did take picture in front of the huge wooden gate.

From a wreck to state of the art. This is a must visit. MUST MUST MUST.
You'll be awed with the sight of the ship.

The receptionist said, "It's not big but there's quite a lot to see".
Well, if you've been to Singapore or Langkawi's Underwater World, this can be exempted. 
It's small, small, and small enough compared to those I've ever been.

Sitting around the Cafe eating ice-cream despite the cold weather. We truly deeply craved for ice-cream seriously.

Gröna lund amusement park view from the cafe. I so wanted to play but the park doesn't seem to be operating.

I highly recommend this place for lunch: 
Operakällaren Bakfickan
Karl XII:s torg 3
Norrmalm, Stockholm County, Sweden
08-676 58 00

Sitting area

Bread - Chocolate, White and Crispy ones

Fried cod with prawns, egg sauce and herb flavoured potato (165 Kronor)

Pickled cucumber to go with the meatballs which tastes a lot like Malaysia's Acah which I dearly miss.

Cherry sauce? to go with meatballs as well but I don't really like cherries so..out.

Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes (149 Kronor)

Raw herring platter

Too many things done on Day 2. To be continued in the next post.

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