Monday, 24 January 2011

Stockholm Day 1

When the clock strikes 12pm on the 18th, the heavy burden was lifted up my shoulders. Freedom, test no more, holidays, foods and everything nice comes into mind. Had BigMac which I craved a long time, shop around, drink some Boost Juice and sit back and relax. Uh, that's not all, had to pack up and leave before midnight for....


4hours journey by bus to Stansted Airport. 4 hours..after still very much exhausting. To make matter worst, another 4 hours waiting time in the airport. All of us were dead fish. Resting on the chairs in the waiting area. 

Flight is about 2hours-ish and upon arrival, stepping on Swedish ground did give me a little freshness and wakes me up, not to mention the chilly, windy weather. 

Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm Center

Had a hard time finding our hostel but fortunately, the coordinate is pretty strategic in Gamla Stan and apart from being wasted, we manage to grab dinner in a nearby restaurant. 

Walking along Västerlånggatan

This is called Bigger Meatball

And this Smaller Meatball

Met a chinese lady which recommend us to walk over to Slussen where there's cheap lobster on Wednesday!

The Katarina Lift

The waterfront

Patricia, the ship with cheap lobsters at 139Kronor (about 13.9pounds equivalent)
Book in advance if you want to savor the delicate lobsters which is ONLY available on Wednesday nights!

As a substitute, we had McDonald instead. 

We went back to our hostel with heavy hearts for no lobsters and a tired body from taking bus and plane and bus again and walk again..

Ends Day 1 of Stockholm

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