Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stockholm Day 4 (Last day)

I wans't at all reluctant to leave because firstly, there wasn't anything left to do, or see. Secondly, I have only 7 Kronor left to survive. Thirdly, bf is in Nottingham and fourthly, no where is better than home. Home as in Nottingham home.

The white board outside, free for us to draw whatever we want.

In the event you want to get in a fairly strategic and convenient place, this is it. 
Kindstugatan 1, Old Town, StockholmSweden
Old Town Castanea just few meters away from the ever famous street, Vasterlanggatan.  
The interior brings a sense of warmth. the sort of 'dining' place.

The small area where you can relax and read some books, or play some games.

The notice board which is full of informations for tourists, like which street to shop, which museum to visit, etc

And not to miss, some bought the famous Dala Horse back home!

And back home to Nottingham with a total of about 12hours from the time we left the hostel till we reach Nottingham.

Few tips should you be visiting Stockholm
1. Get the Stockholm Card if you're staying more than 3 days or you're planning to visit lots of museum
2. From my experience, what should and what not to visit have been stated from my own personal opinion.
3. The spending on meals is approximately equivalent to meals in UK. Change enough money appropriately.
4. Must try the traditional Swedish meals.
5. If you're visiting during winter, yes, wear warm clothes or thick layers.

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