Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nottingham Pharmasoc Royalty Ball '11

Nottingham Pharmsoc Royalty Ball 2011 at Blotts Country Club....

Welcomed by the Ice sculpture.

Starter - Ogen, Galia & Honeydew Melon Platter with mixed fruits

Main - Pork Medallion in Sweet Apple Marinade

Dessert - Dark and White Chocolate Forte

Dessert - Vanilla & Armagnac Cheesecake

Thereafter, it's all photos, self vanity and my first Hello Kitty polaroid thanks to ZhiXuan!

Muahaha, Hello Kitty Polaroid!

Me and Dear.

The boys - (from left) Hao Yan, Gideon, Kenneth, Hau Wee, Gary, Kevin and last but not least, junior Lim Shi Hao!

Royalty photo shoot!

And another close up one.

NiNi and myself with a mole star sticking on my cheek!

Hah..this is just ME. Too long no dressed up makes me vain.

Me and Amy!

Close up of my eye make-up. At least it looks...alright.

Me and Dear with his many gimmicks =P

Overall, it was a fun night!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday randomness

Out of the blue we headed to Leicester..

And ordered a platter of....SUSHIS! 

Tamago, Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Tako, Salmon & Cucumber and Pickles roll.

Pfft..what a sunny and warm day =)
Sunnies ON!

Just curled my hair this morning..Looks alright for ball.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learn and you'll be wiser..

This post might be totally random to you but if you'll just spend some time and listen to the duo of TVXQ (plus if it's your cup of tea), you'll realize how strong their vocal is and why they have largest fan base worldwide.

Love In The Ice when they're still 5. My favorite song of all time.

Yunho and Changmin singing live..If this is not good enough, do show me one that's good then. 

Their latest full music video..How amazing a singer and an actor they are.

Kim Tae Woo from boyband G.O.D, collaborate with Rain and J.Y.P for this song =)

Originally 5, 3 members left and after a hiatus of 2 years, 2 members - Changmin and Yunho came back to uphold TVXQ. Still, both groups are doing well so let's just stop the hate and love them instead.

Nevertheless, all members have extraordinary vocals, be it singing live or not.
Yes they have the looks, which is a plus point but that's not the main point.

Some said, "Why listen to songs that's not your language and you can't fcking understand a word they're singing?"
My answer: If you don't give a try to new cultures, or if you just flock with the same flock of your own kind, how can you improve yourself by just comparing yourself to your own standard?
Also, you get to learn a new language, not just by listening but while listening, look up their lyrics and see what fcking words they're singing.

If it doesn't mean anything by having English words in their lyrics, wouldn't people have already criticize them about that? It might have a cryptic or anonymous meaning within. Or maybe you just don't understand since you don't understand the words they're singing earlier on before the English words or after the English words. 

There might be a minority of them whose dance moves are unrivaled but nonetheless, if you think you can dance better, then I'll shut the fck up. 

Do vote for them here by scrolling below and click on their photo!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Just like any other day except that I..

Was enjoying my walk home today...

Because the sun's out! 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jason's Birthday..

Went to Strada to celebrate Jason's birthday. Was nice meeting everyone since we seldom bump into each other this semester.

LiPing, Me, QiHua and the Birthday boy

Group photo!

My horse top..Lols =)

Haven't been partying for quite some time. Need it badly..

Friday, 18 March 2011

Hari Terakhir Eksperimen

Inilah entri saya dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana sudah terlalu lama saya tidak guna Bahasa Melayu kecuali dalam keadaan terdesak..

Hari ini sepatutnya hari terakhir bukan semester ini, tetapi hari terakhir untuk mengumpul semua data sebelum Hari Paskah (kali pertama saya dengar Paskah ialah 'Easter'!). Saya harap dan ingat semua kerja makmal boleh siap tepat masa tetapi semua harapan hanyalah angan-angan saya sahaja. Setakat ini, data yang saya kumpul sudah mencukupi untuk tulis disertasi saya tetapi....masih ada eksperimen yang sedang dijalankan.

Tugas penyelia saya cuti minggu depan, jadi saya pun tak boleh menganalisi data saya. Dalam dua minggu saya mungkin perlu balik makmal lagi. Hari Selasa minggu depan perlu buat persembahan lagi.

Aduhai, ingatkan semester ini lebih senang boleh buat kerja sambilan cari sikit wang saku, boleh membeli-belah dan membantu perbelanjaan saya.

Bagaimanapun, hati saya tetap girang dan gembira sebab semua hampir selesai! Tidak perlu baca buku lagi, tidak perlu duduk pemeriksaan lagi, tidak perlu menyediakan roti dengan keju dengan ham awal-awal pagi, tidak perlu bangun awal-awal pagi, tidak perlu mengulang-kaji, begitu banyak TIDAK PERLU!

Untuk memperingati pengalaman yang tidak terlalu teruk tetapi cukup untuk membuat kamu hilang fikiran, saya harus ambil satu gambar kan?  

Itu diaaaaaaaaa...

Cepatlah 15 hari bulan Mei..tidak sabar untuk balik rumah!

Gideon Chang 
Google Translate
(untuk sumbangan dalam menterjemahkan Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Melayu)

*Memang susah lah*

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Birmingham NIA for All England Badminton 2011

With my absence of not blogging, I was..busy and hadn't had the time to post.

Was down in Birmingham for the weekend for the infamous All England Badminton Superseries 2011.

@ NIA Birmingham

After finish watching a heart pumping adrenaline semi-final match..

Gleaming with smiles after an eventful match =)

Below the flyover near Mailbox with cute hanging ball figures above..

The only court for finals =)

Malaysia Men's Double Player - Koo Kien Kiet. Ah, I have Tan Boon Heong picture but it was blur! =(
After they won, parading into final round!

When Lee Chong Wei won! He really has the 'Omph'. Makes Malaysia really proud.

Prize giving ceremony - China Women's Double (Yu Yang!) won with Japan (Fuji!) tagging as runner up..
They (Yu Yang and partner) are the REAL DEAL...

Mixed Doubles Final - China's Ma Jin and Xu Chen won victoriously, and Thailand as runner-up.

Lee Chong Wei the Champion! 

What else la..All thanks to LuXian for tagging me in the photo!

Also this is posted on the official website =)

Woohoo! I am in newspaper as well as live on TV! Awesome stuffs..

Most airtime in this part =)

Definitely one of the best-est thing to have been there to watch while screaming away cheering for our country!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Still unwell..

Taken no solid since last night except for dinner just now. 

Puke all the solid I ate.

Hm, I can feel how much my tummy had shrunken. 

Ahhhh, NOOOOO.

I don't like. Please let me eat a lot rather than not eating anything.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


My body seldom give way to external threat but this time, I lose.

Felt really bad in the morning.

Off to do bacteria work and went into the incubator room, which makes me nauseated and feeling faint-ish. Grab hold of a seat and sat there.

Felt really unwell thereafter and asked UWen to check whether do I have a temperature. A little.

Went back and slept, until I was really shivering and cold. My body aches, which made me cry.

Took 3 Paracetamol today and felt much better.

But my body's still not in good condition. Off to bed now...

Dear GOD, please make me well. It feels bad to be in this situation.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A little time to rest...

Argghh!! Busy busy busy..

Looking to have

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Eyes - check!

Ecstatic to see a parcel for me yesterday!!

♥ Black paper wrap ♥ Mysterious..

♥ Tsk tsk, my Goddess Eyes Create The Look Pack 

♥ Fat Cat Mascara 

♥ Baked Palette of Copper, Gold, Silver and Cream 

♥ Eyeline Kohl Pencil in Clay 

♥ Eye Sweep Liquid Eye Definer 

 All my stuffs and a guide on how to create the perfect look! 

♥ All from MeMeMe 


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My new stuffs

Ah..I've got a new denim jacket by ZARA from QiHua!
Thank you!!

Oh, ahem..sorry..excuse me for the clothes piling behind =P

Saw these 2 high heels in Primark yesterday and was in a dilemma which to buy!

Awesome high heel boots!

Peep toe high heel!

Both 10pounds each...

See, not all Primark things are CHEAP, NOT NICE, SPOIL FAST, etc etc..

I bought pretty much most of my clothes and shoes in Primark because of the affordable price,
And I bought them because it's my style and I like it..
The clothes I bought a year ago, there's no hole or signs of wear and tear on them plus I'm still wearing them now..

So, YES to Primark. 
Well, whoever doesn't agree...Go elsewhere to buy la then..

OH, I bought the boots. =)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Why I so like that?

I don't want also.

Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.