Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nottingham Pharmasoc Royalty Ball '11

Nottingham Pharmsoc Royalty Ball 2011 at Blotts Country Club....

Welcomed by the Ice sculpture.

Starter - Ogen, Galia & Honeydew Melon Platter with mixed fruits

Main - Pork Medallion in Sweet Apple Marinade

Dessert - Dark and White Chocolate Forte

Dessert - Vanilla & Armagnac Cheesecake

Thereafter, it's all photos, self vanity and my first Hello Kitty polaroid thanks to ZhiXuan!

Muahaha, Hello Kitty Polaroid!

Me and Dear.

The boys - (from left) Hao Yan, Gideon, Kenneth, Hau Wee, Gary, Kevin and last but not least, junior Lim Shi Hao!

Royalty photo shoot!

And another close up one.

NiNi and myself with a mole star sticking on my cheek!

Hah..this is just ME. Too long no dressed up makes me vain.

Me and Amy!

Close up of my eye make-up. At least it looks...alright.

Me and Dear with his many gimmicks =P

Overall, it was a fun night!

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