Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learn and you'll be wiser..

This post might be totally random to you but if you'll just spend some time and listen to the duo of TVXQ (plus if it's your cup of tea), you'll realize how strong their vocal is and why they have largest fan base worldwide.

Love In The Ice when they're still 5. My favorite song of all time.

Yunho and Changmin singing live..If this is not good enough, do show me one that's good then. 

Their latest full music video..How amazing a singer and an actor they are.

Kim Tae Woo from boyband G.O.D, collaborate with Rain and J.Y.P for this song =)

Originally 5, 3 members left and after a hiatus of 2 years, 2 members - Changmin and Yunho came back to uphold TVXQ. Still, both groups are doing well so let's just stop the hate and love them instead.

Nevertheless, all members have extraordinary vocals, be it singing live or not.
Yes they have the looks, which is a plus point but that's not the main point.

Some said, "Why listen to songs that's not your language and you can't fcking understand a word they're singing?"
My answer: If you don't give a try to new cultures, or if you just flock with the same flock of your own kind, how can you improve yourself by just comparing yourself to your own standard?
Also, you get to learn a new language, not just by listening but while listening, look up their lyrics and see what fcking words they're singing.

If it doesn't mean anything by having English words in their lyrics, wouldn't people have already criticize them about that? It might have a cryptic or anonymous meaning within. Or maybe you just don't understand since you don't understand the words they're singing earlier on before the English words or after the English words. 

There might be a minority of them whose dance moves are unrivaled but nonetheless, if you think you can dance better, then I'll shut the fck up. 

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