Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My new stuffs

Ah..I've got a new denim jacket by ZARA from QiHua!
Thank you!!

Oh, ahem..sorry..excuse me for the clothes piling behind =P

Saw these 2 high heels in Primark yesterday and was in a dilemma which to buy!

Awesome high heel boots!

Peep toe high heel!

Both 10pounds each...

See, not all Primark things are CHEAP, NOT NICE, SPOIL FAST, etc etc..

I bought pretty much most of my clothes and shoes in Primark because of the affordable price,
And I bought them because it's my style and I like it..
The clothes I bought a year ago, there's no hole or signs of wear and tear on them plus I'm still wearing them now..

So, YES to Primark. 
Well, whoever doesn't agree...Go elsewhere to buy la then..

OH, I bought the boots. =)

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