Monday, 31 August 2009

Singapore Singapore 'n' Singapore

Boon Tong Kee Restaurant

This's the aftermath of 9 dishes gobbled down till the plates are all squeaky CLEAN except for the 'chap' lar of cuz.

This was the beforemath : )
So mouthwatering right?

This looks like shark fin soup but it's some fish maw with crab meat and the soup basically.

The rice itself is so tempting with the aroma. It should be a lil yellowish but the know..*poof* and white it becomes.

Bean sprout and Kangkung belacan. Perfectly cooked.
Oh! And the small lil plate in between is the steamed nut which tastes extraordinary!

Fried Tofu. Damn NICE.

Boon Tong Kee's Chicken. You've got to order this else your meal wouldn't be perfect at all.

This's I-dunno-what's-called. But the gravy and the meat blends too much alike that the brown crispy thing was gone into our stomach.

Some chicken or meat with 'Mui Choi'. I didn't like it at all so, I skipped this.

'Pa Wong Dan' or 3 eggs mixture. Century egg, White egg and ___ egg.
(Sorry I forgot!!)

Wahlao, this fish. Greatest fish of all. The bones. I lost count. But the meat's tender and the gravy is yummy.

This was before we entered. Have to queue somemore you know. So laku their business. Full house somemore.

Uncle Ronnie and Daddy.

With mummy too!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Penang's glorious food

If you haven't been to Penang, I say, YOU should. Not for the beach, not for shopping, not for whatever stuffs other than the FOOD. FOOD. FOOD.

That's practically all YOU should do.

I haven't been up for quite some time, so I'm just salivating over the course of food I so eager want to eat.

At New World, which is practically a food court, there are gazillions of choices for you to choose.

This's from the famous Lee Brothers. Ice Kacang with fruits. But I forgot to ask him not to put the corn! Ugh.

Chendol chendol. : )

Curry Kuey Tiaw. No see-ham (cockles), please!

Char Kuey Tiaw.

There are pretty many more other hawker stalls around Penang and I would say it's worth your ride. Gurney has one, which is pretty famous and the tong-sui's (desserts) there are MMmm-mmm..

I probably should too.

Ipoh's Authenticity

Ipoh is a very nice place. If you don't expect to stay in Hilton, or Sheraton, or JW Marriot.
We have our newly Tower Regency Hotel built up not long ago, Syuenn Hotel, Casuarina, Heritage and Excelsior.

But Ipoh's most famous for it's OLDTOWN. Or so I guess.

I remember going there with my nanny when I was still a todler, sitting on the wooden chair sipping thru my cup of hot coffee.

Years after, I went back again, this time a grown up. :)
I was marvelled by the authenticity of these old shops.

So, I ordered my 'Kai-Si-Hor-Fun' (Chicken Kuey Tiaw) and 'Bak Kopi' (White Coffee).
Man, I tell you, this was the best bestest bestest-est kai-si-hor-fun I've eaten! The soup.. : P

White coff..Not as nice as I had expected it to be. I've got to try other shops then. :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Loving Josephine, don't cha?


At Josephine. The cushion so nice. Gimme one lar.

Only at Josephine. Thanks. : )

(Food is pretty pricey but within reasonable range. I would say it's worth a try. Once or twice does not hurt your wallet as much.)

It was pretty long since..since everything lar. MGS was livened in me till I was 15 and that's all the memory I had there. Maybe a lil more, in each standards and forms.

Wai Yee : )

Vernie : )

Yoke Mun : )

Suzanne : )

Kit Ying : )

That's about all. And we had some group pictures too!

And this's the group.
Yoke Lee, Carmen, Yoke Mun, Vern, Suzanne, Kit Ying, Wai Yee, Jojo

Again? Yes, AGAIN.


Here I am again.

With my daddy, waiting for him to be fetched.

Since it's me alone, my laptop would be my best friend now.
I lurve me dress!!! And the shoes too!! :)

OldTown Kopitiam.
Code :100. OldTown White Coffee
(always and ever shall be)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Old Besties!

Seong Yoong..:)
Haha, altho we met for just that mere few times..

Lingy!! : )
All the way from primary school Babe!!

Yoke Mun..:)
It's been a while babe..Nice to be able to meet up with you again after so many a years!!

Ling, Yoke Mun, Jojo
(Ah..this is precious...*bling bling*) random..:)
But I like..
Something to do with Yoke Mun's ISO setting..lols!

PC Fair II

And I'm serious at work OK. Just a 2 sec off for camera focus and Snap! :)

Crowded PC Fair..: (

Sonson in his 'bergaya' spec..

Siew Yee..:)
Siew Yee and me..upclosed..:)

Verons babe and me..:)

Verons darling..:)

Yee Kuan..:)

Mr Surveyor..Choon Lai


Kelvin, SonSon and Me

The whole Microsoft group.

The Microsoft promoters met each other for the very very first time. Then we got our lecture on what we're promoting for a while and then handed us our cool T which we are all so eager to change into. There's a big 7 behind. Who doesn't want? I want.

By lunch, we were talking like old buddies, at Wooley Court. :)
Really like old time buddies. It frigtens me a lil how fast I get to know them. It's like...after 2 hours from the first time meeting. But I love them all to bits!!