Sunday, 23 August 2009

Loving Josephine, don't cha?


At Josephine. The cushion so nice. Gimme one lar.

Only at Josephine. Thanks. : )

(Food is pretty pricey but within reasonable range. I would say it's worth a try. Once or twice does not hurt your wallet as much.)

It was pretty long since..since everything lar. MGS was livened in me till I was 15 and that's all the memory I had there. Maybe a lil more, in each standards and forms.

Wai Yee : )

Vernie : )

Yoke Mun : )

Suzanne : )

Kit Ying : )

That's about all. And we had some group pictures too!

And this's the group.
Yoke Lee, Carmen, Yoke Mun, Vern, Suzanne, Kit Ying, Wai Yee, Jojo

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